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you can't sleep at night? or you can sleep but you feel tired when you wake up .. it's not just you there is over 70 million people over the world had this problem so to get a better sleep there is some tips which are those :

-Take a warm bath.

-Keep an eye on your evening diet

-Avoid going to bed on an empty stomach

-Don't drink and sleep

-Lower the lights an hour before bedtime

-Put on an eye mask.

-sleep in different positions



i hope that this tips can help people and don't forget to do exercices regularly in the morning and walk after you eat the stay 15 min before you go to bed

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1. Try to avoid drinking water or other fluids one hour before you go to sleep, but make sure you drink at least two liters of water during the day.

2. Sometimes a warm shower can relax your body and feel clean. 

3. Take out any hair pieces and put on loose clothes, preferably cotton pajamas.

4. As the evening works its way towards bed time, start lowering the overall light level in your home. Your body can't tell the difference between "bright light" and "daylight" for purposes of regulating your sleep.

5. Change your daily routine.

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For better sleep you need to have a sleeping schedule: 

- Go to sleep and wake up at the same time (at least try to)

- Sleep for 8 hours ( it's enough for our body to restore itself)

- wear a sleeping mask will help a lot (tested by myself)

- air out the house before a sleep

I read somewhere that eating an apple before a bedtime will help you to have a better sleep




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I started having problems sleeping six months ago. I often could not sleep at all or when I slept for 10 hours, I still wake up tired. I was always sleepy and tired. I couldn't concentrate on anything. I did my job very slowly. I found these pills on the Internet https://nootropicboost.com/buy-best-nootropics/ .I decided to try. These pills helped me concentrate, improved my memory, attention. I began to sleep better. 

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