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Try to get it in a very several ways like for example doing things entirely and clearly for many reasons. Try paid platforms, try organic traffic, try e-mail traffic, try some exchanges, try everything you can which is in your hands absolutely.

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Firstly, keep in mind that the company’s maturity says a lot about its manner of doing business. Secondly, quite often the maturity of your target company says about its capacity to pay for your product or services. Remember, that the bigger the company is, the more people are involved in a decision-making process. Make sure that you’ve got a more or less clear vision of the decision-making structure in the targeted company. Different departments have different business challenges, and if your traffic solution meets their needs it is a good signal for you.


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You can do many things to get traffic to your website

1. you do off-page SEO activities

2. You can upload video on YouTube and share it on Social Media sites

3. Share content, images, videos on Social Media sites

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"Hi Guys! Maybe my strategies can help someone in the promotion product website and getting more organic traffic. I read the post about how to create a fitness app 2 years ago, and even can't imagine that now I have a profitable business with passive income (here you can also find interesting ideas - https://www.bankrate.com/investing/passive-income-ideas/). I started promoting my website by myself because I didn't have enough money for hiring someone. So, I built backlinks on different websites, wrote releases, asked influencers for posting info about my app and after 6 months I saw a great result.

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