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  1. A good broker will never restrict your trading techniques. These kind of brokers are mostly scammers and you have to be keen when working with them or watch out before you even think about engagung them. Everyine has their own trading techniques that they want to apply and someone should not stop them from using them. It is a unfair way to treat traders andlead them to use techniques that they are not accustomed to and end up losing their money. If you come across a broker like this then you shuld turn ack before it is too late. what possible reason could they be havng for restricting you trading techniques unless they do not want ypu to earn a lot of profit. Get a free boker without restrictions and trade the way you want to trade. eep that in mind.
  2. The amount that people make from forex varies greatly. It deoends entirely on them. Everyone has their own strategies and plans and you can never expect to get the same as them. Then again we all know ho forex is and the fact that it can bolw up on your face at any time. Forex income is very unstable. You can never be sure what you will make but can come up with a range that may be accurate in some cases. You have to putin a lot of work if you want to earn a stable income form forex like the top traders. It is all a matter of practice and determination. Most people will say that it is difficult but i say that it is all possible if you want it to be possible. Proper planing and the employment of strategies is what makes this possible.
  3. From what I know is that social networks can be used for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a very good way of earnong money. For those that do not know it is wgere you promote someones product and tey pay you some money if their product is bought by people who used your link to purchase the product. Make use of social networks and start earning money.
  4. Try to get it in a very several ways like for example doing things entirely and clearly for many reasons. Try paid platforms, try organic traffic, try e-mail traffic, try some exchanges, try everything you can which is in your hands absolutely.
  5. Shakeup happens everyday in the week absolutely today, so many days have passed since that matter entirely and absolutely and I hope all is working fine and will be, but you need to have good content and good links anyway on that;)
  6. Thanks for those but mostly I bet that 90% of that site lists are simply non existent already and this links are not making anything valuable for that matter entirely and clearly anyway. So let's move on with that later. I hope I am mistaken.
  7. If you want to learn how to write an essay then you need a tutor. It is not that hard to get a tutor. It can even be that teacher from the 8th grade depending in the level of studies that you are in. A friend can also teach you how to write some very good essay.
  8. It is more like lack of knowledge. There are a lot of things that we need to learn in forex before we can count ourselves as beginners. Learning is just the first step. The sad truth is that most people do not take this knowledge seriously. Skipping through it or just taking in some parts is a very risky thing to do. It leads to mistakes and very huge losses. Forx trading is a mind game is what i say. If you do not have the capability to reason and come up with bright ideas then you are on the wrong track. Practicing in the demo account is not enough.A demo account is just like a gamble. You practice in it and you do not even understand what you are doing. You win and make losses wirh your fake money and when you see that you are making accurate decicions you decide to trade for real. That is a bad idea. You need to learn first.
  9. It's the mechanism of creating very quality content and making it further entirely possible for many many pages of your website(s) so all your keywords could be ranked cause of that absolutely and possibly anyway.....
  10. We need to verify at first if the loan give you any data about that matter later or whatever means. Your post looks like a total spam instead of clearly describing that usefull service you are trying to promote here absolutely. So what do we do ?
  11. Okay, but how long your rankings have stayed here honestly? Do you have any schedule on that or not entirely? I do not see that happening in any real time anyway. So let's move on to details which sites worked for you here with plan.
  12. This is a very difficult task for the newbies with a lot of ambition. You may call it emotion. There are some that read this threads but still keep on making the same mistakes despite knowing them.It is emotion that drives them . When most people join forex, they think that it is a very good place to earn a lot of money within a sort time. they are mislead nby adverst that make things look simple. Everyday there are claims of people saying that they lost lots and lots of money onforex trading. I usually wonder if they read the threads for newbies or not. For this reason we have to repeat it to them so that they get what is going on. Higher risks mean higher profits if trades go their way which is what they want. Some of them are willing to gamble away their money for the sake of it.
  13. I am just not sure if such thing really needed in all of the cases out there, I have that system and it really works like it should entirely and completely anyway. So let's move on a bit for all possible levels, do you know how to do it clearly ? Simply use the system as is.
  14. My favorite website is none other than f2movies. We al know the kind of situation that we are in right now amd people are pretty bored. I had to look for a way to remain entertained and f2movies was the answer. I have neeb watching movies nonstop since I came across the site. I hope this epidemic ends soon enough.
  15. I assume everything now is on SSD so you really have nothing to loose entirely anyway. You simply would need to look for something new like you know maybe something other..... But it's cool idea that it all turns out like that absolutely.
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