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  1. How it converts? Does anybody have any stats what to do and how to respond on that matter entirely ? I clearly do not get what is what with that things .... hopefully somebody will reply since post is many years from now here stay;)
  2. How do you guys get clients for your company ? From search entirely or how like that? I am not getting how such websites honestly getting any leads to them absolutely and possibly. We for sure can make something with it properly.
  3. Very simple - simply use something like around 2000 words and use that main keywords several times in the texts entirely for any basical reasons you may have with them absolutely. That way you will get indexed and ranked over time.
  4. Oh my dear, I have a lot of them in reality, let me tell you a few like private blog networks links, like guest posting blog outreach, like press releases, like article exchanges overall anyway. And maybe a few and few I will collect here by myself entirely.
  5. For now people use in many cases some thing which is called crowd marketing. IT consists of making tons of relevant posts to many many forums for obtaining something from them like visitors will do visit site and buy products service.
  6. I use it very ofthen for my own marketing purposes and got paid by various russian and some other affiliate programs with it. It have very low commissions comparing with it's competitors, but yes, unfortunately it's not that popular at all. And hardly every will be except Eastern Europe region. Too sad.
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