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  1. Firstly, keep in mind that the company’s maturity says a lot about its manner of doing business. Secondly, quite often the maturity of your target company says about its capacity to pay for your product or services. Remember, that the bigger the company is, the more people are involved in a decision-making process. Make sure that you’ve got a more or less clear vision of the decision-making structure in the targeted company. Different departments have different business challenges, and if your traffic solution meets their needs it is a good signal for you. https://one2lead.net/blog/sales/how-to-create-a-predictable-sales-pipeline-2-2
  2. People mostly use mobile applications nowadays and I am sure it's more effective than a website. That's why I recommend to look at this https://www.invatechs.com/web-application-development/
  3. They say there’s no single recipe for success - true, though there are the basics we have to keep in mind: approaching in a customized way and all sales processes working in a time-saving way. Plus, don’t forget to work with the data about your prospects, gather and process it to get valuable insights. All I recommend is to generate leads on LinkedIn as a working solution. https://one2lead.net/blog/sales/automate-your-prospecting-efforts-on-linkedin
  4. Hi! Thank you for sharing the tips. There are so many steps to create better solution than your competitors have. In my opinion it's better to define which web development company has similar business in their portfolio. It will be easy for both sides to create really good application or website. https://www.invatechs.com/web-application-development/
  5. Really depends on your business. If you really need social media presence, then I would recommend first of all to use LinkedIn as this social media is quite effective for any kind of business. It's also important to know how to generate LinkedIn leads when you have no marketing support. https://one2lead.net/blog/marketing/how-to-generate-leads-without-marketing-support
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