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  1. It is created when one website links to another website. Backlinks are important part of SEO.
  2. In Twitter, include your targeted keyword in the post title. You can make your website URL short on 'Bitly' and mention in the post. You can also add your twitter handle in the post.
  3. Sorry, 'hitwebup' is not working. I do manually all off-page SEO activities to increase website traffic.
  4. Content marketing means share your content other content submission sites like scoop.it. You can also share your content social media sites. Through content promotion, improve your targeted keyword ranking on Search Engines. You can get more traffic on your content that will help to improve your post and website visibility.
  5. You have struggled to increase your website traffic, even though you've tried many methods. You can target Business specific keyword according to their targeted location. You can add content and sure help to boost traffic on your website. Used some tips that help to boost traffic for your website as - - Pay Attention to On-Page SEO - Target Long Tail Keywords - Start Guest Posting or Invite to Blog - Make Your Website Responsive & Optimize - Publish Viral Content on Social Media - Email Marketing or Advertise Online
  6. Google can update its algorithms day by day to improve visibility and focus on the quality of content to search on SERP. If you want to get high rank of your website, first check basic optimize topic like as content, URL, page linking, page speed, and page scrolling etc. Always quality of content will be the key factor to rank on google. So update your page content regularly in short time period. I define some terms that help your website to grow rank on google. - Optimize Website Content - Check On-Page SEO Factors - Improve Off-Page Links Activity - Increase Website page speed -
  7. Backlinks are the nitrous for every successful SEO campaign that helps to offers extra force to push the website on top sites. An external website that holds web links to your website to offers others info. about your services are known as backlinks. For backlinks - - Backlinks through Infographics Submission - Backlinks through Guest Posting & Commenting - Backlinks through Spy on Your Competition - Backlinks through Forum Posting - Backlinks through Content Marketing
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