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Up to $0.02 per ad view

Up to $0.02 per referral ad view

Referrals rent

Detailed statistics with graphics of your gains

Instantly payouts and purchases. Ask and receive!

Minimum payout of $2


OpenBux is a professional PTC, ran by a real registered company called Open2Web.


On the first cash-out is $2.00. This value is increased by $1.00 for the next payments until it reaches $10.00.


Payments are made through PayPal or AlertPay, depending on which one you choose. The payments are instantly.


First 1,000 members will receive a free Pioneer Membership!



Free registration, thank you:


OPENBUX - Registration Page



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Admin lauching today the Referral Renting Queue.

Nothing will change except that now referrals will be delivered in a first-come, first-served base.

There is a limitation on the amount of referrals you can purchase through the queue, depending on your membership type:


Standard/Pioneer Members: Max 5 referrals per purchase

Bronze Members: Max 20 referrals per purchase

Silver Members: Max 35 referrals per purchase

Diamond Members: Max 50 referrals per purchase

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I have observed that Openbux is growing big time and there are couple of payment proofs available on the forum.I am sure that the admin wants to run the business for long time but i am just worried how long it will survive.I did not upgrade till now,continuing clicking by staying as standard member.

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I think the pay per click is okay but the worry there is that since it's a new ptc advertisement would not be much so getting to payout would be difficult.moreso they make use of only two payment processors which i feel they should add to for non PP or AP users.

Since I'm in ptc four years ago. Almost all ptc only have pp and ap. Its only lately that its added other payments processors. Anyway. I don't see any difference if a ptc is new or not in term of earnings in clicks. As it does not matter if its one week old or six months old. As the ads rate and ads numbers per day is the same. So in short your earning will always be the same. But of course its different story if admin going to chance its click value and its ads volume per day.

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