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FXOpen Launches CASHU Payments

Dear Clients,  

FXOpen is delighted to announce a new, cutting-edge payment method for our clients, via CASHU. CASHU is a safe and secure online payment method that was established in 2002 by Maktoob.com. It is recognized as the first and the largest in the MENA region, serving nearly 2.3 million consumers with accessible and easy solutions to pay online.


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FXOpen was started in 2003 as an educational center in Cairo, Egypt educating and preparing individuals and groups in technical analysis for stocks and foreign exchange. FXOpen opened its own dealing

]FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/AUD on 19.04.2014). FXOpen regularly holds a competition where the winner can get $30. Currency pair: GBP/AUD Date for determination of the course: c

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview We wish all traders, managers, and investors a happy 2021! We wish you confident trading, high-yield investments, and success in all your endeavors!

FXOpen Launches Local Bank Transfers in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico

Dear Clients,

FXOpen is pleased to announce that we've added new methods of depositing funds. Clients from Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico can now carry out transactions via local bank transfers: Rapipago, Boleto Bancário and Oxxo.


Rapipago is an Argentinian prepaid payment method used for online purchases. The system generates a voucher that can be paid offline at one of the 6000+ Rapipago payment locations. Rapipago supports payments between 1200+ companies and their consumers — around 19 million transactions per month. Rapipago’s card, check, and cash-based transactions ultimately collect money on behalf of merchants and utility firms.

OXXO is a chain of convenience stores that offers alternative cash payments in Mexico. Around 71 million Mexicans do not own a bank account, and OXXO allows merchants to tap into this substantial group of online buyers. With more than 16,000 stores across the country, consumers can pay for their online purchases in cash, and merchants have a zero chance of a chargeback.

Boleto Bancário is an official Brazilian payment method regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil. It is a push payment system which was launched in 1993 and today generates 3.7 billion transactions per year. Accounting for around 25% of all online payment transactions, it is a must for doing business in Brazil.




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FXOpen Cashback Program

FXOpen Cashback Program lets traders receive an additional refund for any kind of trades including loss-making. It is easy to get cashback: it is added to your Commission account that is open automatically, with no further actions. The cashback amount is determined in accordance with the total margin used on all client's trading accounts. The program is available for all types of FXOpen trading accounts: ECN, STP, Crypto, Micro, PAMM ECN, PAMM STP.

The 90-day Cashback program lets you receive an additional refund up to $1,000 for your trades. Available for all trading accounts

The advantages of FXOpen Cashback Program

  • Cashback amount can reach up to 150% of Standard commission per trade. It is one of the highest refunds among Forex brokers.
  • Cashback is fully automated. The funds are credited to the client's Commission account. They can be withdrawn or used for trading right after crediting.
  • The program is activated automatically at the time of registration with no additional requests. It is valid throughout the 90 days.


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November 2020 Top 10 PAMM Accounts Overview

Summing up the results of November, we choose to monitor the most attractive PAMM providers for investment. Investors are mostly interested in good returns and low drawdowns. In today’s PAMM review on the eve of the Christmas holidays we will look at profitable PAMM accounts for a moderate portfolio.

By November 2020, there were 172 investment accounts opened in FXOpen and $2’106’389.00 worth of capital invested.


This PAMM provider has been demonstrating successful trading for almost the whole of 2020. At the beginning of the fall, the provider behaved conservatively, but in November the monthly profit was +7.31%. It is worth noting that they traded very successfully without significant drawdowns. In November, they traded mainly in cryptocurrencies: LTC/USD, BTC/USD, XRP/USD. The maximum drawdown in November did not exceed 2.51%. It is possible to join the provider with 100 USD or more.


This provider has been trading fairly confidently on FXOpen since July 2016. Since April 2020 they have been trading in profit with minor losses. In November, the profit was 4.56%, in December, the positive trend persists. Deposit load in November did not exceed 7%. The manager chart shows some spikes, indicating the use of averaging on the exit from the drawdown. MinRisk account style can be considered as quite aggressive, but profitable at the same time.


The provider has been trading at FXOpen for almost a year since December 2019. The year 2020 has turned out quite well for them. Since July, they have been selling at significant drawdowns, bringing in conservative returns every month. As a result, half-year earnings were almost 40%. In November, the income was 6.74%. It should be noted that the manager traded with minimal deposit load, which did not exceed 1.5% in November. It is possible to join the trader with only 100 USD.

Read more....

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The price of Bitcoin has been increasing from last Friday when it was sitting at $17,570 at its lowest point and came up by around 11.4% measured to its highest point today at $19,570. Now the price is being traded at $19,316 as it fell from today’s high and is now making a recovery.


On the hourly chart, you can see that this is a struggle for the price to keep up its bullish momentum above the lower horizontal level at $19,191 which represents the daily candle close from the 2017 all-time high.  Since the start of the month, we have seen the price in a decline, forming a descending channel from the 1st of December. Last Friday the price found support on the 0.618 Fib level and started increasing again, breaking out from this descending formation and coming above the significant lower horizontal level.

Now as the price is getting close to the vicinity of the high made on December 1st it has started moving sideways which indicates that resistance has been found. If this is the uptrend continuation after the descending channel was a higher degree retracement, the price is now headed towards is higher high, effectively making a new all-time high. But first, it needs to break this resistance zone in between the two horizontal resistance levels, so we are yet to see if the price manages to do so.

If the price gets rejected once more at this range we could see a lower low compared to the one made last Friday which would mean that the corrective move from the 26th of November hasn’t developed fully, but if it manages to surpass the $19,677 level it would indicate that is headed toward the $21,000 mark.

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EUR/USD is trading in a positive zone above 1.2100, but it is facing hurdles near 1.2170. USD/CHF is struggling to hold the 0.8850 support and it could decline heavily.

Important Takeaways for EUR/USD and USD/CHF

  • The Euro started a fresh increase above the 1.2050 and 1.2100 resistance levels against the US Dollar.
  • There is a connecting bullish trend line forming with support near 1.2140 on the hourly chart of EUR/USD.
  • USD/CHF remains in a bearish zone below the 0.8950 and 0.8920 resistance levels.
  • There are two major bearish trend lines forming with resistance near 0.0.8870 on the hourly chart.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

In the past few days, the Euro remained in a positive zone above the 1.2050 support zone against the US Dollar. The EUR/USD pair gained pace above the 1.2100 resistance to move into a positive zone.

The upward move was such that the pair broke the 1.2120 resistance and settled above the 50 hourly simple moving average. However, the pair seems to be facing a strong resistance near the 1.2165 and 1.2170 levels.


The recent high was formed near 1.2168 on FXOpen before there was a downside correction. There was a break below the 1.2155 level, and the pair traded below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the 1.2121 low to 1.2168 high.

The decline found support near the 1.2145 and the 50 hourly simple moving average. The 50% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the 1.2121 low to 1.2168 high is also acting as a support.

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Dear Clients!

FXOpen has some important news about the ForexCup contest. Starting from December 17, 2020 the contest is located at a new web address due to the change of the domain:


Please note that all information about the current rankings and contest results will be fully preserved. The “Classic without Borders” contest standings can be found here: forex.game/tournaments/classic-without-borders-2020. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these changes. If you still have questions, please contact our customer support — we'll be happy to help. 

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13 Mistakes Almost Every Trader Makes

Human beings make mistakes, but not every mistake costs money. In the world of Forex, every mistake has a price tag on it. To help you learn more from others’ failures rather than your own, we’ve picked out 13 of the most common mistakes of traders according to forums. Make a good use of this list!

  1. The lack of a systematic approach - No matter how godlike your trading style is, you won’t always do well without a cheat sheet. There should always be a plan, the other thing is that your plan can and should be adjusted under changing conditions.
  2. Lack of algorithm - Without the algorithm, the risk of losing the deposit increases manifold. A clear algorithm implies a step-by-step sequence of your actions depending on the trading situation.
  3. Not placing stop-loss orders - With this approach, the trader is sure to be knocked out of the market sooner or later. The more profit you make in the beginning, the harder the blow will be when you lose it all. A good trader never takes a risk and puts a stop loss where it’s needed.

Read Full on FXOpen Company Blog...

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First of all, let us thank you for being FXOpen’s loyal clients. We do and will continue to do everything in our power to provide you with the best user experience possible, especially at such an important time for the markets. In 2020, we were able to put on a few exciting initiatives — with your help, of course. And this little digest is designed so that we can celebrate our accomplishments together. Let’s go!

More trades, more traders!


We are incredibly happy that so many traders trust us, both beginners and professionals. Each of you is very important for FXOpen, and we want you to have access to the markets and instruments that are profitable for you.

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What to Consider in 2021 Global Financial Markets?

While the year is not over yet, everyone looks at what lies ahead. But how to better prepare for the next year’s trading opportunities without looking back at the events that marked 2020?

So many things happened that it is impossible to discuss them all in this article. Instead, let’s have a look at what influenced financial markets in 2020 and can also have a say in what the markets will do in 2021.
COVID-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately, 2020 will be a year remembered for the coronavirus pandemic and everything that it brought with it. Caught completely by surprise, the world reacted with a lag. Lives were lost, and industries were disrupted. Small businesses were affected the most, with many closing their doors indefinitely.

Governments and central banks reacted the only way they knew – by printing money and offering loans to incredibly low interest rates. Brave wannabe entrepreneurs took a chance in the hope that 2021 and beyond will be better.

Hope does exist. Vaccines are rolled out all over the world. Studies show that the efficacy of the many vaccines that already exist is enough to stop the pandemic in the second half of 2021.

2020 Financial Events to Impact 2021

For financial markets, 2020 brought some incredible developments. First, it brought the fastest dive from a bull to a bear market in history. By definition, when the stock market corrects more than 20% from the highs, it reaches a bear market – in March 2020, the drop came so fast as never before.

Second, the price of oil settled into negative territory. For the first time in history, investors learned that the price of a commodity could settle for negative values. Basically, producers paid for someone to come and take the oil off their hands as no storage facilities existed anymore.

Third, the global negative-yielding debt surged close to $20 trillion. As the chart above shows, the trend stalled somehow during 2015 and 2017 but closed the year at record highs. Debt with negative yields show investors willing to lend money to an entity (e.g., sovereign, corporation) that pays them back less than the original amount invested.

Fourth, Brexit came to an end a few days ago. The United Kingdom and the European Union reached a trade deal that was responsible for much of the price action swings in the GBP pairs for the entire year. Starting with January 1st, 2021, trade between the two takes a new dimension. It is hard to envision now the benefit of Brexit for both the United Kingdom and the European Union. Perhaps it will become obvious somewhere in the future, perhaps not – but at this point, Europe looks weak.

Finally, the United States prepares for a new administration at the White House. It brings new air after four years of controversial policies run by Trump’s administration. It also brings a new head of the Treasury, none other than the former chairwoman – Janet Yellen.

If and when the pandemic ends, the world’s economies have a long way to full recovery. The events mentioned above left deep wounds that cannot heal easily.

FXOpen Blog

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MetaQuotes has released macOS installers for MT4 and MT5

A trading platform for macOS users can now be installed more easily with the help of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 installers, recently released by MetaQuotes.

The macOS operating system accounts for 13% of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 installations, and the numbers are growing. According to MetaQuotes, users are increasingly requesting a convenient macOS installer, so a dedicated solution for Apple devices was developed.

macOS users no longer need to use additional software to install a trading platform on their system. All that is required is to download the dmg file for installing MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 and run it:



Follow for more details

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Cryptocurrency CFDs TRADING


FXOpen lets you trade all the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DSH), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), IOTA, EOS, NEO, OMNI in the form of CFDs without having to hold any cryptocurrency directly.


  • ONE OF THE LARGEST BITCOIN CFD BROKERS - We use top Liquidity providers (Exchanges) to aggregate liquidity and hedge the risks of client's exposure. Our order execution is based on the ECN Aggregator.
  • TRUE ECN ENVIRONMENT - You can trade cryptocurrencies on MT4 Platform and enjoy all the benefits of ECN execution: you trade against other market participants, not against the broker.
  • LOW SPREADS AND COMMISSIONS - You get tight market spreads and low trading commissions (0.5% half-turn), while the broker benefits as your traded volume and profits grow.
  • TRADE THE WAY YOU LIKE - All the popular Forex trading styles including scalping, hedging and all the types of expert advisors are allowed.
  • THE MOST POPULAR TRADING PLATFORM - Buy or sell instantly with one-click trading on MT4.
  • GO LONG OR SHORT ON ANY CRYPTOCURRENCY CFD - Take a position when you expect a cryptocurrency to fall in value, as well as rise. No actual crypto assets are required.
  • ENJOY PEACE OF MIND TRADING WITH A TRUSTED BROKER - FXOpen is a reliable Forex broker with a 10+ years' history.


FXOpen Company News

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Results of the "Money Managers" Forex Contest Announced

"Money Managers", a Forex contest with real PAMM accounts, ended on December 31st, 2020.


We have received the results of the contest and present the winners to you:

1st lace: AM_Foresight gets $5000-prize.
2nd place: MHon gets $3000-prize.
3rd[/SUP] place: ycchai gets $2000-prize.

The prize will be added to an investment account according to a 50/50 offer: 50% of the profit goes to the Manager, the investor (the Company) receives the remaining 50%.We congratulate the winners and wish them further success in trading!

Please note that it is forbidden to conceal in PAMM-system such account statistics for investors as equity, drawdown, exposure level, completed trades. This data should always be accessible to view.

"Money Managers" contest is a unique opportunity to show your trading skills on real PAMM accounts.

During the contest, participants have the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts, accept investments, create new offers, use any strategies, Expert Advisors, and robots. Also, the contest is a great chance to make your PAMM account known among potential followers.

To get more details on how FXOpen PAMM service works, please visit our website.

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Changes to FXOpen Trading Hours on US Martin Luther King Day


Dear Traders,
Please note that due to the celebration of Martin Luther King Day in the US on Monday, January 18th, 2021, trading hours for some financial instruments will be changed as follows:

Monday, January 18th, 2021

  • Spot commodities CFD:
  • Gold (XAUUSD) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • Silver (XAGUSD) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • US Crude (XTIUSD) – trading ends at 19:45;
  • US Natural Gas (XNGUSD) – trading ends at 19:45.
  • Indices CFD:
  • Japan 225 (#J225) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • US SPX 500 (#SPXm) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • US Tech 100 (#NDXm) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • Wall Street 30 (#WS30m) – trading ends at 20:00.
  • Stock CFD – trading closed.

All other financial instruments will be traded as usual.

Please consider these changes when planning your trading activities next week.

Read more

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TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


We wish all traders, managers, and investors a happy 2021! We wish you confident trading, high-yield investments, and success in all your endeavors!

The end of December and the beginning of January is a difficult period on the market. During this time, the market is called thin because only professionals can trade confidently. And of course, any investor is always on the lookout for managers that will be stable and profitable under any conditions, to have the most balanced portfolio after the holidays with minimal risk of losses.  How was the year 2020 memorable for us, and which accounts turned out to be the best in the race?

Read Full on FXOpen Company Blog...

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Changes in cryptocurrency CFD trading schedule on January 17


Dear Traders,
Please, note that on Sunday, January 17, CFD cryptocurrencies will not be traded from 15:00 to 17:00 (+2 GMT) due to scheduled maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly hope for your understanding.

Please consider this information when planning your trading.

FXOpen Company News

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