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  1. 01 SEC Compliant STO Pre-Sale Open May 1, 2020 02 SEC Compliant STO Public Sale May 15, 2020[ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Technolgoy is a highly frangmented field of healthcare is plagued by a wide spectrum of obstacles that are directly linked to the absence of a modern, standardized technology stack. The industry at large is generally run on legacy software applications and expensive hardware systems that ultimately fail to address present-day data sharing and security requirements. From the largest hospitals down to the individual person contractor that is industry participants are constantly dealing with processes and heaps of paperwork, which has been exacerbated by convoluted laws as a result of the activities of numerous intermediaries that thrive marketplace. Radiologex provides a unique and highly sophisticated technological solution that addresses current healthcare industry shortcomings with special attention given to the carefully researched issues that reducing operational costs, greatly increasing network speed, enhancing operational transparency, providing an intuitive and easy- and connectivity. The Radiologex MIN features a suite of software applications running on a collaborative, peer-to-peer ultra-secure and decentralized computer network known as Distributed Ledger Technology or simply a . The network has running their intended functions in healthcare in a manner that is time and such as payments, logistics, marketplaces, data sharing systems, etc. into. Built as a modern, industrious tech product, the platform leverages best-in-class security and user-experience primitives in its design and development.[/td] Meet RDEE (pronounced Ar-Dee, short for Radiologex) Software Modules RDEE MESSENGER A user-friendly and intuitive communication platform designed to organize and connect 60 million+ global medical professionals. RDEE Messenger allows users to network, collaborate, share, andtransfer data with full strong encryption,security, compliance, and custodial ownership of all transmissions. Groundbreaking connections for the medical community. RDEE PAY RDEE PAY is secure, easy to use, and demystifies the health care sector's complex payment system. An Ultra-Secure Borderless Secure Payments system with powerful tools to transact instantly and settle all types of payments and financial transactions. RDEE MARKETPLACE RDEE MARKETPLACE is a borderless global marketplace that directly connects buyers and sellers of medical supplies & equipment, with features to track, pay and check the authenticity of purchases. Open 24/7 in the palm of your hands, global, powerful, delivering quicker transactions with integrated RDEE PAY. More products and more choices, only on Radiologex. RDEE SERVICE-ON DEMAND RDEE SERVICE ON DEMAND provides a convenient and inexpensive means to access service and support, for any and all medical modalities as quickly as possible. It features instant and global P2P service request, connecting end-users with qualified service providers worldwide, allowing anyone to access service talent and knowhow, without borders and no “middle-man”. RDEE PAY and smart app integration means the service orders are proficient, cataloged and settled instantly. Save time, save money, only with RDEE. RDEE PACS RDEE PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) provides medical professionals with a one-stop medical image archiving and processing system. It offers a responsive environment with fluid workflow and a user-friendly setting. Whether on web or handheld devices, RDEE PACS is the most powerful Medical Imaging software available, with advanced voice dictation and auto-dictation with inversions, measure- ments, full reports, processing, transfers, and secure LIMITLESS fully protected file storage. Medical Imaging. Simplified. DEE CIS/RIS RDEE CIS/RIS provides a Radiology Information System (RIS) and Clinical Information System (CIS) complete with management tools for imaging departments including patient referral, doctor-to-doctor, and patient scheduling tools. Scalable and custo- mizable, built to be used by clinicians of any size and order. Empowering healthcare efficiency and alignment. RDEE CONTENT & APPS RDEE CONTENT & APPS is an Integrated Content Delivery Network, an all-in- one globalcentralized network which provides fast delivery of Medical content with unlimited bandwidth and gamut of selections of high-quality content from peer-to-peer, business, enterprise and OEM trusted partners. Medical only trusted content, from trusted sources, only on the Radiologex Network. Delivering high quality instantly streaming Video/Voice (podcast) and APPS (software) from P2P and Commercial/OEMS. Connecting medical discovery and fostering innovation, only on RDEE. COVID19 Crisis Deployment Ready In a crisis management situation, you need to: ☑ Communicate instantly, securely, and quickly with text, pics, and videos (RDEE Messenger); ☑ Distribute training/instructional materials asap (RDEE CDN); ☑ Source critical PPE and medical equipment through verified sellers and suppliers and track them (RDEE Marketplace); ☑ Rapidly settle the transaction and smart contract (RDEE PAY); ☑ Quickly manage front-line clinical operations (RDEE Infosys); and more. The world’s first Medical Interactive Network™ → Register for Demo
  2. _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ CATHOLIC COIN Decentralized Charity & Non-Profit Platform ICO IS LIVE NOW - 10% BONUS Catholic Coin Bounty __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | INSTGRAM |YOUTUBE | EMAIL | WHITEPAPER | ONE PAGER What is Catholic Coin CATHOLICCOINS is an ethereum decentralized cryptocurrency that fosters charitable donations globally. Mainly for Catholic investors, it is created to help willing donors find reputable orphanages and foster homes for the elderly, eliminate setbacks, track and vet how their donations are spent. Catholiccoins is a crypto-based charity coin that creates campaigns and lets the global Catholic community to actively participate in donating funds for orphans and senior citizens in homes of the elderly. How it Works? Means of Transparency 1. Ensuring money еаrmаrkеd fоr ѕресifiс рrоjесtѕ uѕеd judiсiоuѕlу аnd асtuаllу gets tо those specific рrоjесtѕ. 2. Trасking thе actual use оf fundѕ, from the timе mоnеу iѕ donated up until itѕ соnvеrѕiоn intо lосаl fiаt сurrеnсiеѕ. 3. Verification оf thе identity of the recipients and reporting оn thе blосkсhаin оf thеir fundѕ use. 4. Trасking оf thе investment policies оf charities with thе mоnеу thеу hоld аnd mаkе thе реорlе аt the hеlmѕ of аffаirѕ ассоuntаblе for роliсу mismatch. 5. Reduction in transaction соѕtѕ оf mоnеу trаnѕfеr through сrурtосurrеnсу rаthеr thаn finаnсiаl intеrmеdiаriеѕ оr government аgеnсiеѕ. Thiѕ becomes especially relevant when dеаling with organization thаt ореrаtе in developing соuntriеѕ, whеrе trаnѕfеr fееѕ fоr rеmittаnсеѕ саn bе as high аѕ 20% оr еvеn mоrе. How CTC Works? Competitive Advantages 1. Security Utilizing digitally-secured operational contracts and built on the blockchain, Catholiccoin is a reliable, secure, and transparent currency for the global charity and non-profit industry. 2. Charitable Catholiccoin is built on the foundation of a secure economical cryptocurrency for use in the real world while generating huge sum of donations for charities throughout the world. 3. Profitable Given our adoption strategy and fundamental core values, we expect Catholiccoin to grow exponentially once the token sale is on. With this reason and many more, we are certain that catholiccoin brings the perfect investment opportunity. CTC Collection Process Token Summary TokICO Partner Community FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | INSTGRAM |YOUTUBE | BITCOINTALK | EMAIL
  3. _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ POWH.RU An Ethereum Blockchain Managed Smart Contract Economy In 3-Dimension __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ What is POWH? In a nutshell, POWHRU is an ETH Token, which rewards you for holding it. Every buy order increases and every sell order decreases its price. Additionally, every single POWHRU transaction has a 10% fee, which gets split up proportionately among all P3DRU owners. This means that if you buy in before others do, you will benefit from dividends and a rising token value. Even when people are selling and your POWHRU tokens lose some value, you get dividends. Buy P3DRU __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ POWH Community WEBSITE | TELEGRAM __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Q&A 1. Is POWH a scam? - No. While POWHRU uses a sort of pyramid system, it is not a scam. A scam would allow the creator to profit at the expense of the investors, while this token runs on a smart contract, which makes this impossible. There have been already many different attempts at stealing the ETH, as the contracts ATH was at almost 20’000 ETH. The good thing about ETH Tokens is, that they are open-source. You can go over the code yourself to verify that it is legitimate! 2. What is the minimum investement? - There is no minimum investment required for this token; however, I recommend buying at least 5 tokens so your masternode is enabled. 3. What is a masternode? - In actual cryptocurrencies, Masternodes are nodes that hold a defined amount of coins, to prove that they are invested into the coin. In return, these nodes get a cut of the transaction fees, as miners do. With POWHRU, the masternode is just a “marketing term” for a referral link. 4. Can I refer myself? - Yes, but you will need two accounts. Here is a quick guide: Buy 5 P3DRU tokens with your first address. Create a second address on Metamask, and send your ETH there (Leave a little bit behind so you can reinvest on the first address). Copy your masternode link, delete your cookies and visit the site with your link. Buy the tokens and enjoy a 3.33% Cashback 5. Why should I invest? - This is a coin that reacts very well to price surges, as the token value goes up and the investors get dividends.
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