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  1. CSS so deep and interesting language, but sometimes I need something different, for example, I start study Connery language, who didn't know it's an experimental lisp-like interpreted programming language that is somewhat themed after veteran actor Sean Connery.
  2. Any advice on expanding the space at home?
  3. Hi. For me, the best women's clothing is sneakers and some kind of comfortable sweater. Since in the modern world you need to move quickly, it should always be comfortable. This does not mean that I walk like a boy. Sportswear is perfectly compatible with almost everything. I order everything on your favorite site https://au.ryderwear.com. Proven, affordable, fashionable.
  4. During a pandemic, hospitals are very important. Who, if not a doctor, will help you in such a difficult time. But the worst of all is cancer. Therefore, as soon as you notice the first symptoms in someone close to you, find a hospital that suits you and run there. I find information here https://bookinghealth.com/programs/treatment/interventional-radiology/liver-cancer-treatment-by-percutaneous-embolization-coilin Everything is readily available, I advise.
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