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  1. Package "Chrome" ($25) = income per day 1.34%. Package working out: 90 days 30 CPC Banners 10000 CPM Banners For purchase need: Medium Subscription Re-purchase: 50/50 Maximum packages: 16 To receive income from the package you need to view 10 qualifying ads per day.
  2. Hey. I am a professional poker player. Held quite a few tournaments. Recently, my friends are asking me more and more about online casinos. How it works, how it works, whether it is legal. Since I am the ambassador of one of the brands, I can advise you https://casinostop10.com/it/game/roulette/. Everything here is very clear, honest, transparent. Each vibrant that he likes.
  3. both of them, i can say that forex is easy while hard too at the same time, easy because in fact that is easy to earn in forex, you just need to sell and buy which currency that you think have a good conversion and hard because we need to know the right time to sold that things, so they can give us not only profit but also earning for us
  4. I planned on trading just one currency pair in my own case.The most popular one is what i am going to focus on which is Dollar / Euro.I will have to forget about others for now until later in life when i have gain much more knowledge and experience trading forex.
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