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  1. You can go on a tour of Europe. There is something to see. Or on the French Riviera. It will be warm. There you can relax at sea and see the country.
  2. I don’t understand why there are so many development for creating crypto wallet when are already created good and reliable wallets. I use ETCwallet.net. It suits me on 100%. I store ETH and ETC there. For all the time of use, there were no problems or delays in the translation.
  3. Xman

    Some nice trip

    I advise you to visit Europe. Tour to many countries.
  4. Xman

    Need advice

    Yes! It’s a normal!
  5. You are talking about GTA 4, and I'm already waiting for GTA6
  6. I also played these games. My favorit is NFS
  7. Good player! I’m using too
  8. I was also a newbie. I studied charts, trading strategies, various cryptocurrency exchanges. Now I only trade on a few exchanges. Most convenient for me Cryptolocator This exchange attracted me with various payment methods. I can buy bitcoin or ethereum even for cash. Where are you trading?
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