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  1. I advise you to start to choose the end goal for which specialization you will need this programming language. I would advise you to start with web development sites on Laravel using dedicated servers from https://hostovita.pl/windows-vps/
  2. As for me, the interface is too loaded and abrupt transitions from one part of the page to the parallel one. In general, there are still a lot of different details that can be found after a more detailed analysis. But for this I recommend to contact the web development professionals here https://do-it-solutions.com/.
  3. I do not think that the forum in this form will be relevant after some time. You need to do something with similar functionality, but with a completely new and more attractive look. You can even be engaged in development personally - it will not be difficult, and of course to find a suitable domain here https://hostovita.pl/domeny/
  4. As I look above for very earnings very risky methods are offered, especially for a person with no experience. I still prefer to invest in more interesting and promising projects in terms of long-term such as startup called Splento https://www.splento.com/about-us that provides photo shooting services for any event with its base of professional photographers for a reasonably nice price.
  5. In the last month I have been constantly engaged in technical analysis on the quotations of my assets, among which there are quite a few altcoins. The problem is quite complicated, but I think that this will give its benefit later if you do not jump off the topic now. Fortunately, there are time-tested schemes that allow you to earn some money in parallel with this. If anyone is interested, I suggest using this method. Nothing complicated at all - just buy Bitcoin on the site coins.ph through GCash account and sell on the resource https://coinsgive.com/, but registration only with the invite code bv54ysds on this platform. The result is already getting on PayPal account, moreover with a good profit.
  6. Even though there was no monotony, but this is FIFA obviously
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