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  1. traders can get knowledge from forums, articles, discussions, or meet directly with senior traders.
  2. welcome to the real world and happy trading.
  3. comfort is needed in trading. because it can bring a positive impact on the mind.
  4. There aren’t a large number of cons is you decide to trade in the Forex market with an ECN broker.
  5. The analysis does not include a comparison of the fund performance to possible peers and a way to identify those peers.
  6. Why should craft a trading plan in realistic way?
  7. I agree, because there can be no trader, if there is no love in their hearts.
  8. 5 opinions that you wrote is fact. If it's all the facts, why people still choose forex?
  9. It is nice. I support you. don't forget to always split the new techniques to us.
  10. How do I modify the strategy in order to become the best in trading in forex?
  11. facilities and emotion support trading. There are traders who need a lull in trading.
  12. What's the difference between a demo and live trading account?
  13. strategy analysis of determining the future of a trader. then the analysis of the market being one that matters.
  14. what you say is true. It's like that level of being a trader.
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