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  1. Date 01/06/2011 08:54 Batch 52661118 From U0990758 (Digital Money Forum) To U3794983 (Rehan Account) Amount $2.10 Memo Payout from DMT, Post proof in different forum!!
  2. Username : rehan Amount To Request (DMT points) : 210 Liberty Reserve ID : U3794983
  3. The site is really going nice and I have seen some members advertising this in some very good ptc sites which shows its great success but the question is how long the admin will sustain the cash flow and keep paying its members.
  4. Wow they have lots of plan and it will be easy for each type of investor to choose from the different plans. They have very good referral commission but the drawback is they accept only liberty reserve, they should have added alertpay as well.
  5. How can you say that this is the best among all other site just because they are giving free credits. Let me tell you every free traffic exchange is giving free credits to every member and those credits are not worthy to me. What is worthy is how they pay cash to members.
  6. The design of the site is just ordinary and they have copy/paste terms and faqs section. So how can we expect something good from a site which is using copy.paste material. All the admin want is to have some money from members upgrading and then close the site down and run away.
  7. I am not having any problem in accessing incrasebux from mozilla. They have moved their server successfully and all is working fine but the support ticket section is not yet in working order as I have to contact them but not happening right now.
  8. That is good to see you earn that amount , so what about upgrading your account to golden and get much more than this. I see many member making 18$ per week with golden membership. The problem with us is that we do not have funds to upgrade.
  9. So it is paying on daily basis ? We make 5 post and get 15 cents . If they are paying on daily basis that is not bad to have some extra cents added to LR account. I think I am going to try this one and lets see how it works out for me.
  10. The forum is just an ordinary one and having low rates and if it want to be successful, the rates should be more. They can always say to increase the character limit but the rates should be doubled if they want some real activity on their forum.
  11. The forum is a end now and nothing will happen. Admin is sleeping and will not pay anymore. He had made for him a good earning by getting advertisers and now he will not pay any member. Infact he played very clever by paying members in its first 3 months and when he got enough activity he stops paying. Now this forum will be close and added to scam list.
  12. There is great difference in virtual and real trading. The virtual money is large and you don't feel any pressure risking large sums while in real trading you will think twice before opening a trade of 100 dollars whereas in virtual trading you will open a trade of 1000 dollars without much concern.
  13. Ofcorse no one would have 50,000 in real account and if someone have, he should not trade more than 1% of it. I was saying to have this %age of trade in demo account. In real it is always advisable not to go beyond 5% even if you have 200 dollars.
  14. I am not giving much time to my trades at practice account but what I do is to give more time to my learning course of forex because it is more important to learn first and then give much time in trading. I am doing the same and hope to get success in real account in future.
  15. Forex is not a business for me, In fact online earning systems are not a business for me but a part time thing. I am happy that I find some good earning opportunities online and they have helped me a lot. As far as taking forex as a business will need a good capital along with huge experience.
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