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  1. The link wheel is one such idea where several similar themed websites get together and create a circle of links. So website “A” links to website “B” which links to website “C” which then links back to website “A”. Link wheels can contain any number of websites from the three in this example.
  2. Both on-page and off-page techniques are important to get keyword ranking in search engine result page. Some of off-page techniques are: Blog posting, Blog commenting, Guest posting, Social bookmarking, Directory submission, Image Submission, Classified ads, Profile creation.
  3. White hat is effective and safe technique in SEO. White hat techniques is a organic techniques and demand quality in a site in order to ensure that it perform well on the search result.
  4. Thank you for sharing valuable information. Some important techniques for link building are mentioned here: List your site in directories Write the best guest post Write a blog Build backlinks using forum, classifieds ads, social bookmarking Discover competitors' common backlinks Recovering the dead backlinks Find the strongest competitors healthy backlinks Find the most relevant link building opportunities
  5. Best SEO techniques are: On-page technical things are: Title Heading Tags Keyword Density Meta Tags Images Word count per post Internal linking External linking Write engaging content Off page techniques are: Guest blogging Blog content Profile creation Local listing Image sharing Blog commenting Social bookmarking Directory submission Classified ads
  6. SEO is important to Business because your business gets more visibility, so that visibility directly leads to branding of any product or services. SEO gives a chance of exposing your business brand in the market. Get high rankings on the basis of search results. With SEO you get a high return on investment other than advertising and marketing.
  7. Back links are also known as inbound links that are direct towards the website. The number of back links show the indication of popularity or importance of the website. I am using Blog posting, Blog commenting, Profile creation, Business listing, Classified ads, Image sharing, Social media sharing techniques to get higher ranking in search engine result page and to get more traffic.
  8. These are back link checker tools SEOprofiler linkody ranksignals
  9. Alexa rank is a complete web informer and it gives you real information about traffic rank of any website. You can check here all the basic information about any website. You can check here all the basic information such as search queries, average page views, amount of page views , web popularity, Click strim etc.
  10. Some of the best tools to find back links are: SEOprofiler linkody ranksignals SEMrush
  11. Back links are important for Search Engine Optimization because some of search engines give more credit to websites, which have more number of quality back links and consider those websites more relevant than other’s sites in their result page for search queries.
  12. Some of the SEO tips are: Use a permalink structure that includes keywords Find and remove anything which slow down the website Link to internal pages on a website Don't change domain name frequently
  13. Do on page techniques: Title tag, Heading tags, Meta tag, keyword density, Internal linking, external linking, Images. Off page techniques are : Guest blog, Blog content, Blog commenting, Directory submission, Competitor's back link analysis, Infoghraphics sharing.
  14. A keyword means one single word. When the first search engines were launched, they had relatively simple algorithms and many users used single words for their searches. But search engines are constantly evolving and now they support large key phrases with 2 or more keywords. It is also much more convenient for users because now they can express their need more precisely and search engines provide them with more relevant results.
  15. Do the following activities to increase website traffic: Guest blogging Blog posting with quality and unique content Do more social media activities in tumblr, linkedin, stumbleupon, pinterest, twitter, facebook. Blog commenting
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