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Found 2 results

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) tips from successful Internet marketers can offer popular means of bringing more search engines and people to your websites. And more search engines plus more people is a simple formula for more clicks and sales, a win-win for online marketers in all niches. So let’s cut to the chase, here are some top SEO tips form those who’ve been there, done that, with successful results: 1. Select a Keyword Rich Domain Name This may not always be possible in many niche markets for the more popular keywords. Therefore you can focus on creating mini-sites that are keyword based. For example, if your website is about web hosting, you can create mini-sites about web hosting but with a lesser known keyword such as "low cost web hosting". 2. Choose Search Engine Friendly URLs Use search engine friendly URLs when possible. You want to be sure to use hyphens and underscores in all your URLs and preferably have the URLs be the keyword that relates to the page. For example, if the web page is about web hosting, then the URL could be web-hosting or web_hosting. 3. Check out your IP Address For the websites you believe to be most important, ensure that they have unique ip addresses for each site. The reason this is important is many sites on a "shared" hosting service share the same ip address. If any of these sites have been banned by the search engines, it could affect your site's ranking or even result in your site being banned as well, since it is sharing the same ip address. 4. Do some Keyword research It's important to do thorough research before deciding what keywords you'll focus on when optimizing your website. A popular tool you can use is Good Keywords, a free keyword research software application. Give these SEO tips a try and check your own results. See what works best for your products and services, and then repeat accordingly with new campaigns all year long to keep a healthy flow of traffic, clicks and sales coming your way.
  2. How To Generate Massive, Hot, Hungry, Targeted Traffic For Your Website Or Blog Through SEO Compliant Articles. It is generally known that the major reason people go online is to seek relevant information that can solve their problems. They also seek expert advice and help. Therefore, if your visitors find reliable information on your website or blog, they will linger, sign-up for your newsletter, order for your product/service, recommend your posts to others, come back repeatedly and refer others to your site. You will be noticed easily for your content-rich site because you are regarded highly due to the many pages you have on your website or blog, which are filled with high quality articles. Article is an informative piece of writing that conveys idea or concept in a useful, interesting and entertaining manner. Articles generally let the readers walk away with something they did not know before because people read articles expecting to either learn something, be entertained or preferably both. When you provide your visitors with high quality articles, you will reach greater audience than before and convert more visitors of your website or blog to dedicated followers and regular customers. An effective way to build your credibility, establish a solid online reputation and generate a steady stream of eager customers for your website or blog, is by writing powerful, informative, keyword-rich articles and then posting them on your website or blog. You will become an expert when you are adding value to the Internet through your articles, which have large acceptability. Your ability to write great information will make your readers to regard you as the “go-to” person for information. If you want to build a successful website or blog on the Internet, high quality articles are extremely important because without them, your site will be irrelevant in the world wide web (www). A typical online searcher will type certain keywords into the search box of any search engine, for example, Google, and then click on the “Enter” button. The “Query” software of the search engine will get the query and send it to the “Spider” portion, which will crawl all the pages on the world wide web (www) in search of relevant pages to the keywords in question. The search engine “Spider” will look at the URL (Universal Resource Locator) of web pages in order to determine how relevant a particular page is to the information being sought by an online searcher. The “Spider” will check if the URL (Link) of a web page contains any of the keywords from the searcher. If it does, it will be indexed. It is now the duty of the “Indexing” software portion of the search engine to collate the relevant web pages found and arrange them in order of relevance to the information the online searcher is looking for. This is how you can get targeted search engine traffic. You will distinguish yourself by providing your readers with high quality articles and other valuable information they want. People cannot notice you and your site if they are not aware of your competence. The success strategy is to constantly add high quality articles to your website or blog. Ensure that you write the articles which people will always cherish and commend you for. Create quality information for your visitors and you will become relevant in your online business. Article writing is an excellent way to generate massive, hot, hungry, targeted traffic for your website or blog. You need high quality articles to offer the visitors to your website or blog because if your articles are not relevant, visitors may visit your website or blog, but they will never stay. They will leave as soon as they enter. High quality articles will make visitors stay on your website or blog and by staying, they may find Google AdSense ads, or affiliate ads, or your personal product ads that will interest them to warrant high click-through rates. Do not rely solely on auto-generated articles. Many people are doing the same thing repeatedly by using special software to generate articles for their sites. Be unique if you want to be taken serious online. Come up with unique and high quality articles for your website or blog. You will become relevant as a Netpreneur if you strive to add many useful articles to your website or blog. You can add between five to ten unique articles to your website or blog or more than that if you are very creative. Many high quality articles that are well researched and keyword-rich are far better than hundreds of irrelevant articles. As a website owner or blogger, you also need vital information if you want to be recognized by your visitors as a valuable resource person. If you are providing better information than your competitors, people will become glued to your website or blog. In case you do not have the flair or time to write high quality articles that would be of interest to your website or blog visitors, you could outsource this task to an expert, freelance article writer at an agreeable fee. * Do you want relevant and well-researched article you can post on your website or blog homepage? * Do you want high quality “How To…” articles that explain how to do something, get something, use something or find something? * Do you want high quality motivational/inspirational articles? * Do you want high quality articles with useful tips? * Do you want powerful, informative, well-researched and keyword-rich articles that you can afford conveniently? * Do you want high quality articles on “Internet Marketing Opportunities & Strategies”, “Business & Entrepreneurial Development”, “Customer Service Techniques”, “Business Ethics”, or “Human Capital Development”? If you answered capital YES! to the above questions, hurry and indicate your interest right away! I will contact you and give you full details of how you can enjoy this legitimate article writing service. Over 100 well-researched and keyword-rich articles are available. You can alter the articles to your website or blog preference, add additional information or modify them to conform to your taste. You will use your name as the author of the articles. I wish you the best in your online endeavours.
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