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  1. one website get from other another website with this back links. Back link should be natural this back links plays key role at promotion of website.
  2. Black links will helpful for showing site in online, if you use more back links for your site then increase the visibility of your site and also you can get more traffic from the people.For getting back links i am using Blogs, Forums, Blog commenting.
  3. Alexa will gives the website rank based on the site traffic.
  4. For improving your site rank follow the off-page S.E.O tips that are Blog posts, Social Bookmarking, Social Media Engagement, Cross Linking and Photo Sharing. This activities will helps to improve your website.
  5. 1.Organic tactics are the impotent. 2.Use Twitter ads. 3. maintain a posting calendar. 4.make more friends. 5. Listen your twitter followers.
  6. Search Engine Optimization is useful for improve the website rank and get more traffic.
  7. S.E.O tricks are internal links. Image optimization. Avoid using capital letters. use internal linking.
  8. the pond closely followed the search engine optimization company's and web developers all over the world.
  9. forum positing will helps you to increase your website traffic and improves website ranking.
  10. choose the best topic for post. create unique content. use content related images. give internal links.
  11. there are three types of seo techniques is there 1.White hate seo techniques. 2.Black hate seo techniques. 3.Gray hate seo techniques. white hate seo techniques are use unique content for blog submissions. optimised links. guest blogging. title and relative data. Black hate seo techniques are duplicate content. keyword stuffing. hidden text. page swapping. Gray hate seo techniques this Gray hate techniques are combination of both white hate and black hate seo techniques.
  12. write a unique content. use meta description and site maps. give internal links and use social media for seo.
  13. Social bookmarking sites are useful to submit your links.improve your site rank. traffic. get more popularity of the web site.
  14. For getting organic traffic follow the social marking, classifieds, social media sharing, blog commenting and image sharing. then you get the natural traffic.
  15. for increasing website traffic do the following activities optimise your website content. good content marketing strategy blog, images, videos. write a good content. build internal links.
  16. keywords are useful for optimize the page rank level in webpage. when user click on this keyword it will brings to related site.
  17. submit unique content for blog. link to other website withe relevant content. write unique description for every page. use right keywords in image.
  18. keyword density means is the word appears in related to the total words on the content or page.
  19. link the content in other related sites. write unique content for posting. use simple URLs. use keywords in image. use keywords in title, URL and content. use meta keywords and content, blog posting. guest comments. profile creations. classifieds submissions are the tips for both on-page seo and off-page seo.
  20. On-page S.E.O. is one of the technique of S.E.O, here we can write title, content, head tags(H1-H6)meta description. image optimisation. meta keywords and internal links.
  21. On page SEO explains about the title tags, Meta tags, Meta description target content internal links and site speed also very important because now a days no one wait long time loading a site if it takes more than two or three seconds for loading they will be go to other site so site speed also important.
  22. Which are best tools to find the backlinks.............?
  23. I suggest Off-Page SEO techniques are more helpful for creating quality backlinks for your site.
  24. Which is more effective in this......................? Black Hat or White Hat SEO.
  25. I suggest Social Media Marketing is the best to increase website traffic.
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