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  8. Displayed Username : ganthiraj Amount To Request (DMT points) : 150 points Payment option : libertyreserve Account no: U1634684 Hope to get approved and paid soon, Thank you, dear admin !
  9. There are three real-time moving indicators: Price, Volume, and of course Time. Most traders focused on PRICE indicator and hundreds of other indicators derived from it, they miss two other important indicators - VOLUME and TIME. What moves the price? VOLUME and the forces driving the volume. How to see price movement? Over TIME. You need to observe Price, Volume, Time and their dynamic interactions. The best Forex indicator (or for any other financial market) is Market Profile. More information on market profile trading can be found at: http://www.squidoo.com/stock_technical_analysis Or Google search "simple best technical indicator".
  10. Darkonix's Forex Trading System This forex system is mainly configured for EUR/USD in 15 minutes and It's made from following indicators: NonLagMA v7.1_emailalert (length 40 , Pct filter 0.5) and SSL_fast_sBar_alert_mtf (lb 10 , time frame 240) (will act as filter for NonLagma) and in a addition StepStopExpert_v1.1 EA for exits. In order to understand better the Darkonix Forex System we'll attaching the screenshoot together with the following guidelines. Go Short : When NonLagMA send the signal for changing the direction to down trend (red color) and SSL is red (on 4h time frame will act as filter) Go Long : The opposite from short (everything should be green) Trading rules 1. Follow the signals received only in between 6h00 GMT - 21h00GMT 2. Option "AlertAfterBarClose" in SSL fast sBar should be "true"! 3. Never trade against SSL fast sBar indicator color! 4. For exits use following choice's: * StepStopExpert EA * Manually set TP60 and SL30 * NonLagMA color change Target points Modification: Nonlag moving average is too slow for exits so you can trade as follows: Close 3 positions at +30 pips. Close 2 positions at +60 pips. Close 1 position at +90 pips. Stop loss at -30 pips. To wrap up, as any other system it has its pluses and minuses and it does not represent holy grail but if system is used properly and all rules are followed can have winning rate of 80-90% with very low draw down in pips.''
  11. hi All, I read article today stated 90% those in trading forex lost their real money. Just want know anyone here in forex that forex trading that make real profit/income . Yes I know this game is full of risk that we need to think about before we trading for real let say if we don't have any knowledge or never enough perform the demo a/c . Anyone in the forum , make real profit from trading forex. What are your strategy to do this. I am sure that the platform that we use need to be a bet flatform in other to see the moving curve /line that maybe can bring some good idea how to trade using this line or the stat. Do you know any website that I can download the curve/line learning mean the easy reference one for a beginning like us to maintance a good strategy about the moving of the currency market. Pls post here if you have look at any website . I am looking for free software. Just want to learn about it cos the platform that I"m using now don't have this type of curve/line for me to judge the market condition. OR the economics analysis are best among the rest . Thanks.
  12. Good! But they not give sign up bonus to us.. But prelaunchx giving $100's for just signup and also they managing our account. So this is better than that... Just think well and take one good decision..! Have a Nice Day!!!
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