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[ANN][ULG] ULTRAGATE - Blockchain solutions 3.0 - PoS/Masternode

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  The Ultragate Coin (ULG)  is a Proof Of Stake/Masternode based cryptocurrency. Our main goal of creating this project is to develop different use cases where ULG coins will be used as a payment method.  

  ◆ Features ◆  

  ◆ Masternodes ◆ 

The Ultragate Coin (ULG) is a well-decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 80% of the MN Block reward and 20% of the POS Block reward. It also offers lower transaction fees, faster confirmations, and limited supply for a faster increase in value. The Masternodes are constantly connected to the network & perform certain tasks, this allows the transaction to get more and faster confirmations. Masternodes are full nodes that run 24/7 and require collateral of 50,000 ULG Coins. In exchange for providing this service and locking up the coins which effectively reduce supply, the Masternode owner is rewarded a portion of the block rewards. The portion of the block rewards earned is variable which increases over the period.


 SwiftX transactions are confirmed and spendable within seconds after receiving. SwiftX transactions are guaranteed by the network of masternodes, without waiting for multiple confirmations to speed up the validity of the transaction.





  Jobgate, created by Ultragate Developers,  is a platform where employees and employers meet. Different jobs are offered on the platform. From freelance to work on a contract basis. 

  Purposes of Jobgate platform: 

 ◆Employers can buy packages to offer jobs on the platform .
 ◆Cryptopayments integrated (ULG included) 
 ◆Banner advertising 



  Marketgate, created by Ultragate Developers,  is a platform where buyers and sellers meet. You can purchase products AND/OR become a seller yourself.

  Purposes of Marketgate platform: 

 ◆ Start your own shop for free and sell your items for crypto 
 ◆Purchase products offered on the platform .
 ◆Cryptopayments integrated (ULG included)  


Demo_1.gif  bacc_edit_0_1.gif

  Purposes of CasinoGate platform: 

 ◆Deposit and gamble with crypto currencies (ULG included)  
 ◆Provide benefits to masternode holder of ULG Coin .

 For detailed demo video join our Discord 


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