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  1. I guess you don't sell Instagram followers for a reason. And hence the question of why you sell youtube bot services given the fact that it punishes you almost in the same way for fake likes. All you need for youtube is some honest ads and free tag tools like this https://backlinkvalidator.com/tools/youtube_tags_tools.php
  2. Well, o the stock market ahahahahah. But you must be sure that you're buying stocks from a company with at least several decades of history that's how you will maximize the chances that it's indeed a life-long investment. Here's the source to look for the upcoming dividends https://a2-finance.com/en/calendars/dividends for the stocks. Hope it helps
  3. Well, you're gonna need to read this artcile on best wood glue. You will find the best one and your legs will be aight pall. Don't sniff the glue it's dangerous. https://woodiesdiy.tv/best-wood-glue-for-furniture-repair/
  4. I am yet to find as perfect DIY website as this one Madera Local in English. The Madera is in Spanish, it may be an obstacle for some, but google translate is often here to offer a helping hand. Take a look.
  5. So far I've seen the best price/quality glasses decanters and others here https://kemstood.com/collections/tequila-drink-glasses. You'll find drinking sets for every type of alcohol made with different artistic visions. And in addition to that goofy items like drinking horns are there as well. Hope it helps.
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