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I am not admin :


GeniusSurf is created to proof Auto-Surfs are working. My name is Willy, and I love surfing. HYIP programs and top paying programs are usually created to secure a swift return. Since many years, there was no successful Auto-surf with the idea how surfs should developed.


Auto-surfs are not just short ROI HYIP programs. They where created to see the newest programs, blogs, forums, private websites, and share quality sites for and from members. Auto-surfs are here to advertise! For a few years, we have not seen any Auto-surfs where the basic idea of Auto-surfing was the main attraction.



Plans :

0.8% daily for 365 days

5% daily for 30 days *

12% after 12 days **




*The daily 5% chashout option is the second project GeniusSurf is offering. You need to be already a membership holder of the first membership 0.8% plan to join this offer.

**The third surf option is the 144% after 12-day option. The extremely popular 12x12 plan. You will receive a payment after 12 days to your account balance. You can join this option only if you already joined the 0.8% and the 5% daily income membership offer.


Referral: 6% | 2% | 1%


Expiration Date: 2011-08-01

Creation Date: 2010-08-01

Last Update Date: 2010-08-01


Name Servers:







Payment Processors - LR\PM\AP\STP


Manual Withdrawals.


Contact - geniussurf@gmail.com

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