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🏦🏦 [ANN] Galobank : Bridging Traditional Finance With Crypto 🔥🔥

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Galobank is the first bank that will have its own EVM blockchain.

  FAST AND LOW-COST TRANSACTIONS: POA networks can process transactions quickly and cheaply, making them ideal for use in DeFi and CeFi applications.

 INTERNATIONAL ACCESSIBILITY: POA networks can facilitate cross-border transactions and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making them ideal for global use cases.

 INTEGRATION WITH DEBIT CARDS: POA networks can be integrated with debit cards, making it easy for users to spend their cryptocurrency at merchants that accept card payments.

 REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: POA networks can be designed to comply with the regulations of countries that are friendly to cryptocurrency, providing a secure and compliant platform for users.


PROOF OF AUTHORITY: POA guarantees transparence and high speed in the transactions, as well as low commissions and a great security
STAKING: You will be able to receive a great passive income by staking your GALO in our app, just by pushing a button.

ECOSYSTEM: GALO blockchain will have it’s own bridge, DEX and stable, $GUSD and $GEUR.

VALIDATORS: Our network will be secured by the use of validators, do you want to run your own validator?

TOKENOMICS: Solid token plan to guarantee the development and growth of our Project


FULLY CRYPTO ORIENTED Our bank is fully crypto oriented: Our aim will always be to become a bridge in between traditional financial system, crypto and Defi.
YOUR UNIQUE IBAN/ABA CODE Have your own and segregated account with your unique IBAN/ABA code: which means we will be just mere custodians of your funds.
EXCHANGE EASILY FIAT FOR CRYPTO Exchange easily FIAT for Crypto: Using our app you will be able to buy and store easily the crypto assets you choose.
ACCESS EASILY ALL THE POSSIBILITIES Access easily all the possibilities that brings the world of Defi: You will be able to invest in the projects you choose directly from your app avoiding the difficulty that nowadays has accessing other Defi chains.
MORE THAN 260 CRYPTO ASSETS Store, trade and stake more than 260 crypto assets from your app.
YOUR FIAT SAVINGS IN UP TO 18 CURRENCIES You can have your FIAT savings in up to 18 currencies: transfer, receive and Exchange in between these currencies, like EURO, USD, CAD$, Yen, GBP, …
ENJOY YOUR CREDIT CARD Enjoy your credit card: You will be able to choose how to be charged, paying with your FIAT funds or Crypto. Also, you will receive cashbacks in GALO up to an 8%.

────────────────────────  Application Features  ────────────────────────

:heavy_check_mark: Control your finance
:heavy_check_mark: Transfer funds and receive in different FIAT currencies
:heavy_check_mark: Convert FIAT to Crypto easily
:heavy_check_mark: Trade your Crypto
:heavy_check_mark: Stake your Galo
:heavy_check_mark: Invest in the Defi projects you choose


:alarm_clock: Duration: 30 May - 2023 (0:00 UTC) - 30 September - 2023 (0:00 UTC)
:1234:Number of tokens for sale: 250.000.000 GALO
:heavy_dollar_sign:Acceptable currencies: ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT, USDC
:memo: GALO Token contract: 0x0a1564599537562596AE91fb09A5945e1C1C651C



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