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As a novice, what is the best way to get started with trading?

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Firsts and basic thing to start any business is learning to get educated about the business, how it works, how to work, etc, then take action, starting a business without taking action will never get real experience, and we can't learn from it. 

How to start forex for novice traders I suggest learning basic forex, by reading from various resources like babypips, joining the forum forex community, and practicing a demo account, you can try demo ECN FXOpen to practice without any risk. Make sure worked in the demo account and already finding suitable trading strategy and profitable befor go to live account. Because harder to a live account compared with a demo account, it's about psychology, treating real money, and virtual money is different in minds.

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A demo account remains useful for all traders especially beginners because, in a demo account, we can learn trading without any risk, some so many traders fail in less than six months if beginners can pass successfully more than six months in the demo, it means ready to fight in a real battle in the forex market. The demo is useful to exercise trading skills, and prepare the weapon later in a real account, despite I trade in a real account, sometimes still use demo ECN FXOpen to try a different strategy.

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When we work trading in real accounts, will get real trading experience already involved emotion in trading because working in real accounts we want to make a profit and fear to losing money, this could impact to the trading habit, and we must work fully disciplined based rules trading.

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In Freshforex class training and webinar, trading that is not recommended is often explained, such as:
1. Poor knowledge of forex trading, because trading without knowledge occurs when traders carelessly open positions.
2. Lack of a good forex trading mindset. Usually believe that forex trading can get rich quickly, even though success in forex is not instant.
3. Trading with large lot sizes. With the hope of achieving high profits, but the bad analysis turns into a margin call.
3. Bad trading strategy
4. Trading with greed and emotion
5. Trade in high volumes

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