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Any sort of trading aims to purchase low and sell high in order to make a profit on your initial investment. One of the advantages of forex trading is that based on the situation of the market, you can purchase or sell currency pairs.

In forex trading terms, this is known as going long or short.

  • You would go long if your intuition tells you that a currency pair is likely to rise in value; for example, you would buy the pair based on a prediction that the base currency will rise versus the quote currency.
  • If your projections were wrong, you'd sell the pair; for example, if you felt the base currency would lose value versus the quote currency, you'd go short.

In the stock market trading platforms, directional trading frequently necessitates large expenditures due to the high costs involved with it. Foreign exchange, on the other hand, enables for easy directional trading in step with market trends due to minimal transaction fees and liquidity.


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