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What are the best tips for website design?

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At present, Google is changing its search algorithm. Google announced that they are promoting mobile-first indexing, which will affect your blog or website in terms of ranking. As the name suggests, mobile-first indexing means that Google will use your mobile version data for indexing and ranking.

Therefore it is necessary to make your blog mobile-friendly to improve your indexing and ranking in search results.

In this forum, I am going to explain some tips to make your blog or website mobile-friendly.

Responsive Theme:

Friends, always use a responsive theme for your blog, and I am sure you will benefit from using it. At present, most bloggers are already using a responsive theme.

Improve mobile user experience:

If you want to improve blog traffic and SEO, enhance the mobile user experience by using the right font and effectively use navigation features. Users should not face problems in searching etc. on your blog.

Amp version:

Quick mobile pages are one of the best techniques to make your blog mobile-friendly. If you use WordPress for blogging, activate the AMP version in your WordPress blog.

If you are looking for a web design company, do not forget to discuss the above techniques with them to make your site or blog mobile-friendly.

I hope all the above techniques will help you make your blog, mobile-first indexing friendly.

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According to a renowned SEO company in Dubai, there are many effective methods in of page. These off-page techniques help in getting top ranking and relevant web traffic to your website. However one needs to be familiar and expert while using these off-page techniques. Some of the best off techniques are listed below.

1. Web2.0 Submission

2. Document Sharing (PPT, PDF)

3. Infographics Submission

4. Creating Google My Business local listing

5. Image Submission

6. Video Submission

7. Question and Answer submission

8. Article Submission

9. Social Media optimization

10. Guest Blogging

11. Forum discussion

12.Creating appealing and shareable content

13. Bookmarking submission ( only High DA and PA websites)

14. Influencer outreach

15. Blog submission

16. Classified ad creation and submission

17. Fast Approval Directory submission

These are some influential SEO off-page methods but to get top ranking and web traffic, one must also pay attention to the proper ON Page SEO. If you have done accurate ON Page SEO for the website, then you have won the half battle. Now you can maintain the rankings by creating high-quality backlinks through the above-mentioned SEO techniques. Make sure that you are also paying deep attention to creating relevant, attractive and original content.


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Wow, an excellent post, you have shared with us. All the off-page SEO activities are effective and helpful to boost the traffic on a website. Doing these activities day by day will create a good rank of a website in the search engine result page.

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Today we have seen that only designing a website is not enough. Every designer understands that there is also an SEO strategy for a website. A website designer should have a basic knowledge of SEO.

1.      A design that must attract your users


2.      The website URL should be keyword centric and meaningful


3.      Content of the page is visible to the visitors


4.      Decreasing the Size of Image


5.      Navigation of Menu should be appropriate and easy to understand


Keyword Research (not recommended for a web designer as it is not their core job but if they learn these skills then it would be good for them)   


Understanding the implementation of Sales Funnel


Website needs to be compatible in all devices, and all accessible platforms


Well, we know that SEO is an integral part of business promotion. But if the website is not designed with SEO friendly metrics, then it won’t be easy for a website owner to rank the website. So if you are a web designer, then you should learn some basic SEO techniques so that you can design a website according to SEO point of view.


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For now people use in many cases some thing which is called crowd marketing. IT consists of making tons of relevant posts to many many forums for obtaining something from them like visitors will do visit site and buy products service.

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If you have a website, but your website is not attractive, what would you do? Users generally don’t like to spend time on such a website that doesn’t have an innovative look, design, and feel. But by applying some significant methods to make your website appealing and profitable:

  • Create appealing content that addresses the intent of the searcher

  • Publish relevant offers to your customers

  • Detect and solve 404 errors

  • Always test your website on how it is performing

  • Invest in SEO services to make your website Search engine friendly

  • Make your website mobile-friendly or responsive

  • Make your website navigation simple and understanding to users

  • Allow your website users to scroll on your homepage

  • Apply call to action on your website for more response from users

  • Add social share and social media plugins

  • Use video and relevant image useful for your consumers

These are proven steps that help in improving the performance of the website. It will not only enhance your potential visitors but also make your website easy and user friendly. Take the help of a talented, experienced and credible web designer and web developers to make your website perfect for you and your audience

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Some of them explained below

Dynamic Web Applications

Dynamic Web Applications are complicated in terms of the technical aspect. They utilize a database for data. In a dynamic web application, contents, products, and services are updated whenever users have access. They generally have an administration dashboard (CMS) where users can add, edit, and remove the content, whether images, text, or video.

Portal Web App

Web portal application accesses different categories and sections via the home page. In these applications, many things are included the latest content, email, browser pages access through registration, forums, and all that.  

Static Web Applications

Static web applications are generally developed in frameworks such as CSS and HTML. But that doesn’t mean only HTML and CSS to create the static web application. Ajax and Query as per the need of the website owner. The static web application can also comprise video, images, banners to make application easy, and user friendly.

CMS web application 

There are web applications that work as a content management system (CMS). CMS is an excellent platform as it allows users to update, edit, and remove their content at any time. The CMS web applications are user friendly and convenient to operate. Here are some examples of CMS.


WordPress: It is a possibility the most preferred and hot choice for the content management system.

Joomla: Joomla CMS is second most favorite content management system after WordPress

Drupal: Drupal is another CMS which is very flexible and specifically suggested for creating communities  


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E-commerce refers to the procedure of purchasing and selling of services and products through online payment or electronic transfer. In short, it is all about dealing with the electronic channel (Internet). The internet or online medium is an integral portion of eCommerce. It enables people to exchange services and making data or money transfer without the need for physical presence. Top eCommerce Website Design Company in Dubai is making eCommerce projects and bringing profit in an eCommerce business.

How Ecommerce business works

Getting orders

This is the initial stage when consumers book their orders via eCommerce website or online portal. The seller gets notification of the order

Confirming and order processing

In this second phase, all the information related to the order shared with the concerned department. Now the order is ready to deliver on the mentioned address.     

Shipping Process

 The final phase is where the delivery procedure conducted. The courier and logistics company contributes a lot in this phase to make sure about the order delivered on time to the customers.

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A good idea is useless without the right people to manage it

 It’s always better to opt for professional service providers with domain knowledge that will ensure successful implementation of ideas in the design and development process. So if you are stuck, don’t hesitate to contact the professional team of Magento developers for magento 2 data migration steps

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Web design trends change every day. In 2020, technical abilities seem endless, and we see how artists play with extremes, re-invent former styles and constantly experiment with fresh technologies. At the same time, there are some well-known styles that simply will not disappear, such as all-pervasive miniaturism and very beautiful flat pictures, which we have been looking at in the direction of some time.

Finally, what are the 2020 web design trends? If you want to qualify the freshest trends at an early stage, you will need the support of professionals. 

Here are the top web design trends for 2020:
1. Dark Regime
2. Defects that add originality
3. Immersive 3D components
4. Subtle shadows, layers, and floats
5. Blending photos with graphics
6. Solid frames of empty space
7. Glowing color conclusions
8, Ultra minimalist navigation

How to choose the best template for your website?
If you are on the lookout for your own upcoming website, I recommend that you take a look at website templates that were created after the study of every area of business.You will perceive the style and design of any template, gather some thoughts and inspiration for creating a personal website and be in trend in 2020!


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