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  1. Web design trends change every day. In 2020, technical abilities seem endless, and we see how artists play with extremes, re-invent former styles and constantly experiment with fresh technologies. At the same time, there are some well-known styles that simply will not disappear, such as all-pervasive miniaturism and very beautiful flat pictures, which we have been looking at in the direction of some time. Finally, what are the 2020 web design trends? If you want to qualify the freshest trends at an early stage, you will need the support of professionals. Here are the top web design trends for 2020: 1. Dark Regime 2. Defects that add originality 3. Immersive 3D components 4. Subtle shadows, layers, and floats 5. Blending photos with graphics 6. Solid frames of empty space 7. Glowing color conclusions 8, Ultra minimalist navigation How to choose the best template for your website? If you are on the lookout for your own upcoming website, I recommend that you take a look at website templates that were created after the study of every area of business.You will perceive the style and design of any template, gather some thoughts and inspiration for creating a personal website and be in trend in 2020! https://weblium.com/templates
  2. I want to add some info: 1. The app that works for your business. With MyOxygen any time it becomes app that works the best for you. This is a definite conclusion: all internal team of company needs to be confident in software and app development. 2. Scalable and modular app. We should not leave behind all the required number of years, which are not easy to increase. The company should use only advanced technologies that can be expanded for the entire current product cycle. 3. The best framework for your product. Native, Xamarin, React Native or Google Flutter - the best platform for your apps. The company have to try to minimize the threat. 4. The company will definitely help you The team have to make apps for specific platforms. Whether it's iOS, Android, web portals, Bluetooth adoption or API integration development, they're here to help.
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