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How can I increase the traffic on my website?

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There's not any magic charm to make this happen. It takes work. There are already lots of good suggestions here. Not sure what more I could add.  But here is my bucketful:

1) Do your own research and get to know your audience and what they want to know.

2) Write the articles which fulfills what they wish to know and post it on your site. This works if your site is an e-commerce website, a site, or other things. Keep it fresh and updated. Most sites are incorporating video, so if you're able to add video even if it's to promote the text, then do so. (Even though it denies doing this, Google enjoys material posted on its own properties, so I would place videos on YouTube and encourage them on Google+)

3) Stay in contact with your audience.  Search them out on social networking, follow or buddy them and participate together , both to find out what they wish to see or read and also to tell them exactly what you've posted. Ask their opinions about what they've read.

4) Boost your articles, both new and existing. Do not hesitate to get it done a couple of times per day, but do not aggravate people by bunching mentions collectively - space them out. Be creative but don't deceive your own reader. Start a hashtag campaign on Twitter or find helpful existing Twitter hashtags to piggyback on, but prevent spamming!

5) Enlist"evangelists" (fans) of your work to help you promote it.  Engaged fans are a lot more willing to help you promote.

6) If you have the money to spend, run Facebook sponsorships and Google Adwords (and Bing advertisement ) programs. Twitter provides sponsorships and fashion promotions, also.

7) Use Google Analytics and examine the data to determine where your traffic is coming from, what searches are attracting them into your website, and provide more content that feeds to the requirement that brought them .

😎 If you cover a specific topic instead of general information, consider adding your site as an external link to a capable Wikipedia topical page. (You can do that by clicking on the page and including your site URL or a webpage URL as an external link.)Without knowing more about your website and the subject (s) you pay I can not offer more hints. I hope these help. These are fairly basic but powerful suggestions.

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