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  1. Thanks for sharing I was looking for such services
  2. Hi, dear! There is a great free service that provides a Spotify playlist submission. You can check it if you still need this information. As I know, you have to make a request, and your tracks will be added to the top Spotify playlists. I suppose it is the easiest way to get more listening and promote yourself. https://musicvertising.com/free-playlist-submission/
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  4. Not that great :c I'm studying at college and it's so difficult right now because of social distancing. It got harder to learn
  5. You can create the video about your site. Then you will buy views or likes on https://y.tools/buy-youtube-likes and many people will see your site. In my opinion, this scheme is primitive but it really works. I have tried is several times and al the times are successful
  6. Thank you for providing such information. I mean I do crypto trading with https://safetrading.today/ So, it is necessary for me to be aware of all the things that are going on with the market. Only this way it's possible to keep making money.
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