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JustForex has not processed my withdrawal, its over 48 hours!


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This is Monde, from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa,

I must say I'm not happy with JustForex at all.

I've made a withdrawal request and I was informed that it would be processed on the 6th of September 2019 (last Friday) its Tuesday now and nothing has been completed. Im not happy as with my previous requests nothing took more than two hours. 

As a client I expect JustForex to live up to their standards and honour what you promise that withdrawals take 1 - 2 hours. This is not satisfactory at all cause that means I have to wait till im not sure when for the request to be completed IF IT GETS COMPLETED! I've contacted the support department, finance department and my "account manager" no one is telling me anything constructive. Apparently my documents where out of date, even though I sent my updated ones and they got approved in less than 24 hours and that was the day before the withdrawal request.

What confuses me the most is that I've never had a problem like this when I withdraw small amounts which in that case I've lost and retained whats left of my losses but this being the first time I've actually made some profit, there's delays and I practically have to keep contact with JustForex begging them to process my withdrawal.

I thought they are a trustworthy reputable broker but clearly this is proving otherwise.

Conclusion: I gave up cause clearly I won't get my profits at all.

A demotivated ex-client!

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VERY BAD BROKER. FBK STUDENTS STAY AWAY Thy move ur orders in an entry where u dd not set whn the market starts to move in ur favour. Their spread can increase to 70 points whn news are released. To see this record every trade u make u will see tht thy are not Hu thy claim to be. Another complain about Just forex

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Justforex have deducted 5 USD every month for inactive account. They have never info the situation in term and condition or FAQs. They claim it as inactive account fee and it look like a desperate broke to have an easy money for client like me. The payment by Visa also make me doubtful because it opens with unsecured site and I have canceled 4 times deposit due to the issue . I hope Justforex can make a better change to become a trusted broker.

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I have been trying to withdraw my funds since last Wednesday (11/21). I tried to do everything they said on their youtube video and nothing worked. So, I contacted them via live chat and asked what i should do. They told me to go on my bank account and transfer the money out. I did that, but now it says justforex has not processed my withdrawals, its over 48 hours! Please help!!! I need my money!!
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