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I have account in FxGlory number 46321. I made deposit 1000$ use Skrill 24 november 2017.After some time and made a profit of $2334. 8 december i made request withdrawal my profit 2334$. But Fxglory rejected my request and canceled all my profit 2334$.They told me I broke rule 4.12.I believe they cancelled my profit is illegal and just return my initial deposit 1000$. Also before that I had another account in my FXglory profile. On that account, I had previously done a completely identical trade after which I paid profit fxglory, they did not say and did not warn that I was violating the terms of the agreement and just paid me a profit.But the second time after my successful trading they just cancelled all my profits.I demand that FxGlory return my profit 2334$!

Their answer 
Hello Dear Client,
Some of your profit was removed according to rule 4.12 from User Agreement which states:
According to our liquidity providers’ reports and also Fxglory head quarter’s decision, Fxglory chooses to be a fixed spread Forex brokerage. Fxglory ensures clients that we will not make spread wide on the low volume market hours. It is obvious that the trades which are made during those hours by the means of misusing this opportunity will not be guaranteed. In case of abusing, account will be closed and the deposited amount will freeze for 90 days.


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