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Our brand new model of bux system allows members to make up to 50x more, making big bux has became faster than ever.



Satandard membership


* Per click: 100% of click value


* Per referral click: 50% of click value


* Minimum payout: | $2.00 |


* Referral ad purchase: 0%


* Referral upgrade: $0.00 for you


* Maximum Direct Referrals: 200







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Direct refs option is very good as 200 for standard, And also the script is quite different than any other PTC, this site seems to be professional with their secured server & privacy verified as well... But the negative point is LR is not accepted there as I am using as default.... Hope ti will appear soon...

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I have joined this ptc site yesterday and it somehow good at first glance but when I try to click today their earning counter is not working. My page is already open for a long time but cent was still not credited. Wonder if this is just a glitch for today.

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I don't know what this site is upto. They promised to pay 10$ in rental balance to first 20k members. I received 10$ 3 days before and the vanished a day before from my account. Also my direct referrals were gone, not only me but many people lost their direct referrals and the administration says that it was due to the ddos attack on the site. I am not able to understand what these people are upto.

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yeah it seems very good site ,i wish it continue more and more ,they are under Casetronyx,Inc and have 10 years domain registered . They have instant payment system and standard member get 6 ads daily so it is better than other sites with less number of ads . Of course they award the first 20000 members free premier membership and i think that referrals commission is very good

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i have joined this site last month and till the end of that month i could not able to find single ad there.in this from the beginning i couldn't able to log in.it seems that admin has deleted my account and few other members also complained like me.so it seems many having the same problem.i am not going to register there again became it doesn't seems legit site.

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All the payments requested before May 11th are already done, with the exception of some Alertpay requests still pending.

:unsure: The explanation of net 45 terms is:

Admin plan to pay money for the previous month 45 days after the end of the month.

The new rule is in place starting May 11th, so before calculating the 45 days for the payment to be done, they consider a full month of activity (30 days) starting May 11th.

The first 30 days start May 11th and end June 10th included.


Starting June 11th, the payments can be requested and admin. will calculate the 45 days until the first payment will be done.

The 45 days will start June 11th and end July 25th included.

Therefore, the first payment that Bux4Real will release to its members will be on July 25th.

To summarize: current payments will be made in 30 days plus 45 days = 75 days.

:) The site has a new administration now.

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