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Copy Trading; Characteristics of a Successful Forex Trader

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If you are new to the trading world, everything might seem daunting and even impossible to grasp. There is so much information from different expert traders and picking a strategy to follow can be challenging. Presently, forex trading has become accessible to a wider variety of people: experienced and inexperienced alike, due to Copy Trading. With forex copy trading, you are able to copy any positions that are taken by an experienced trader otherwise known as an investor. Any trading action that the trader makes will be replicated by you in order to make money off the skills and expertise of the trader. Essentially, if the trader opens a new trade, closes a trade, wins or loses, these actions will reflect on your trade as well.

Many people will tell you that the fine line between succeeding and failing while trading is the strategy, technique as well as the trading style. While these are important, there are other things that you should look out for while trying to find a successful forex trader. Ask yourself what sets apart the traders that succeed and those that fail. The truth is that there are some characteristics that successful traders have in common. Your success in this activity is largely determinant in making certain actions habitual and cultivating certain characteristics that will inspire a successful streak.

Forex trading does not have a single formula for success. A significant number of successful traders can attest to having their strategy working in tandem with hard work and attitude to inspire consistent wins. You can copy a professional trader and learn all their strategies while learning the ropes in forex trading. To this effect, here are some characteristics you can adapt and look for when selecting a successful trader:

1.     Discipline

A trader needs to have the ability to be patient and objective. The financial market gives you numerous opportunities to trade and the possibility of exploring one that presents an opportunity to fail is easy. You may take more trades that you should which translates on getting distracted from the ones that actually make sense. A successful trader is disciplined enough to set targets for each trade and stick to them without holding trades for longer periods of time or even prematurely exiting them.

2.     Adaptability

Successful traders know that there will never be trading days that are alike. This trait comes in handy for those people who are used to internalizing textbook examples of different strategies and techniques. As we mentioned earlier, there is no formula for success in trading. Each trade is approached differently in light with its volatility, its range and other market conditions. With mental flexibility, a trader will be able to know what strategy to implement as well as the best way to do it.

3.     Patience

This trait goes hand in hand with discipline. What many people will not tell you is that trading involves a lot of waiting. Where waiting is involved, a great deal of patience is required because it can get very confusing. A trader needs to be able to wait to enter and exit the market at opportune times. When you jump in and out of trades with the wrong timing, you are basically setting yourself up for failure. A successful trader understands that timing is everything and will be patient enough to wait until there is a viable call to action. Once this is established, discipline comes in play to ensure that you pursue that action in the required time.


Every successful trader started small and made adjustments while learning from their mistakes. They created systems that fit their goals and worked for them. With these characteristics, you will be able to single out a trader you can copy and emulate to ultimately become the best trader. Remember, there is no winning formula in forex trading; discipline, focus, and logic are the hallmarks of success in the trading world.

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Well what about choosing the traders? That is a characteristic which is most important I think because if a copy trader makes wrong choice on selecting the traders then he will probably fail in his endeavor.

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