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-----10% daily permanently------

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What is & Who is 







The Company offers only on very profitable investment plan paying 10% daily permanently.


They accept only Bitcoins so this might be a disadvantage but Bitcoin is getting increasingly more popular in the HYIP industry and could become the first choice when talking about payment methods for online investors.




offers a really attractive affiliate program paying 15% referral commissions so you can earn a lot more by inviting your friends to join.


Earnings Example

It’s not a great deal to tell, let’s say for instance you will invest $1000 every day you will get paid $100. Basically, you will get paid 10% daily forever so long as their business is online.


This means in 10 days you get your initial deposit back plus all earnings after that are pure profit.


Technical Features

The website is used a customized script with many good features like automated withdrawal requests or automatic reinvestment if you wish to activate it and use it as a compounding feature.




is a secure and profitable investment platform, backed up by Forex market trading, Cryptocurrency trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.


Hourly earnings


Earn Bitcoin every hour, even when you get on a holiday, on another planet or even sleeping! There are better things to do to enjoy your life than stressing over the expenses and your daily problems. You are free to withdraw it whenever you want, instantly!


Earn 10% daily lifetime


Every withdrawal is processed instantly! Your earned Bitcoins will be sent to your wallet in a few seconds after your withdrawal request. No need yo wait, no need to be confused. Your Bitcoin is always yours, you control them, you want it to be invested, it’s invested. If you want it to be withdrawed, it’s withdrawn easilly.


No hidden fees


While extra fees have become the norm among our competitors, we’ve stayed true to our reputation as a leader of the Investment platform by not charging hidden fees. Everything is all clear, you won’t have to make any action if you wish to stop your membership.


(Company number 10720571) offer you the best chance to make Bitcoins online without leaving your home. We are concentrating on providing stable, secure and long-time investments.


We invest Bitcoins on trading Cryptocurrency and we share our profits with you. With the growth of Bitcoin price, we are able to make great profits for investors all around the world – everyone can join us and get a stable source of income. You are guaranteed to earn your hourly profits and instantly withdraw them whenever you want.





 10% Daily – Lifetime

 15% Referral Commission

 Instant Withdrawals

 Legitimate Company

Possibility of canceling deposit

Hourly earnings

No hidden fees and obligations

100% Transparency


Overall, appears like a very nice program which certainly has the potential of paying the investors for a longer period of time. The program is new so I hope early birds will certainly have the ability to make some nice profit from here. Together with their referral program, it’s also possible to earn a good income by referring investors.looks like a low-risk program but still before investing always remember the golden rule of playing HYIP, that never invest anything which you can not afford to loose.


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This type of HYIP wont work for more than a week. Though you get profit in one HYIP you be caught by loosing of money In another HYIP. I was a fan of HYIP few years back and later got little loss due to this I understand the limitation of these HYIP programs in earning money. So newbies want to earn money from the HYIP programs please be aware this. 

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