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I'm not the admin :)






:: Why will we succeed?

Hundreds of surf and hyip sites come and go everyday. Some of the key reasons for the failure of these programs are:


1) a lack of multiple income streams, 2) the high cost of payouts to free members, and 3) poor customer care. alienbarn has gone to great lengths to address these issues and have integrated solutions to these problems into the design of our program.


Call me R2B2. I promise your friends call you a winner.


Start-Up promo, earnings on weekends enabled until June 2011.


Plan TOMATO is a Autosurf ...... and...... Plan CUCUMBER is a HYIP




Join :





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I am always looking for new surf programs to jump in. And up until now havent founded anyone interesting., This one is only a few days old and the plans is fast , not to high roi and i just love the

design:) Its nothing fancy here, simple clear and easy. Now lets see how easy they pay out. Im thinking going with the minimum $5.00 in the 6 days plan of tomatoes, pomodori:) . It will take a week to reach it thanks to the weekend where they dont pay you. Weekends are free:)

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