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Epay.com Virtual card is coming!!!!

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Epay.com gives you an easy, private, cheaper to pay online in the form of a Virtual card.

Pay with private

Keeping your payment information secure. With Privacy, you can createvirtual cards to protect your online payments or private Company Information.

Get it online, quick and easy

Receive the virtual card in less than a minute. No annoying paperwork or complicated verification.

Cheapest fee

Virtual card is one of the cheapest payment cards available.

Many payment ways

Deposit your virtual card with wire transfer, Ria Money Transfer, Western Union and MoneyGram, Perfect Money, WebMoney.

Many multi-currency

We accept USD CNY EURO GBP HKD from 203 countries and markets and convert them for your convenience in your account.

As your business development, so does the way you pay. Development your payments option with Virtual card.


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Worldcore is an innovative online financial service offering a package which blend convenience and ease of online payment services. It prompts access to top-notch security systems which inspire rather than complicate financial management. The platform makes it possible for a business to make local and international wire transfers in compliance with worldwide regulations without any limit. 



payment account

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