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Thanks for visiting us and Welcome to ROLClubSurf.com


ROLClubsurf.com is the right place if you want to earn money online. It was opened with the aim to bring back autosurf success and profitability back in the industry.If you are looking for ways to advertise your website, facebook profile, blog or affiliated sites and also earn money online then ROLClubSurf is definitely for you.


ROLClubSurf have many daily plans to choose from, as well as Fast expiry plan which pays after 5 days, and gives you a total return up to 115%

We will make your upgrades work for you, and make profits.







# Join FREE Get 500 Free Surf Credits


# Earn 3% Ref Commissions

# Add 1 site to rotate

# Earn daily surf credits





# Earn up to 150 ROI.




1 :- 8% Daily For 16 Days!

2 :- 5% Daily For 26 Days!

3 :- 3% Daily For 50 Days!



1 :- 115% AFTER 5 DAYS!

# 5% Referral commission

# Each upgrade unit cost $5

# Add up to 3 sites to rotate

# Surf 12 pages daily to earn

# Daily payments within 24 HRS





click here to join FREE

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This autosurf program plans are really good,and it is offering a short term plan,as there's also a long term investment plan here too,so the choice lay squarely on our shoulders,i think the long term plans are profitable,but for those that love short term plan,they can go for their choice too.

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the last this program paid was on 11th, and so far the members have pending payments,

so have received complaints from members on this program that

this thread will be moved to scam folder,

if anyone has got paid again, PM to the mods with proofs that the thread will be reopened here for discussion.

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