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Top 10 Forex Trading Tips for Beginners – The Road to Success




There is a lot of information that will come your way about online trading on the internet and it becomes quite hard to process all that information at once, especially if you are a novice trader. It is therefore advisable to take the help of an experienced professional before you move forward.


The following tips will put you well on the road to success.


1. Learn the Basics First

Being hasty in this business can cause you a lot of problems. Be patient and learn about all the jargon associated with Forex trading first and then proceed to the next step. You should be well aware of the basics of the whole business and then progress on to learning about a Forex trading strategy. In my Introduction course I have given guidelines for beginners which might be of great help to you.


2. Learn one Trading Strategy, Stick to it

If you don’t want to lose money and sail your ship on false hopes then be consistent and stop changing trading tactics all the time.  If you’ve faced a terrible loss while trying out some strategy then don’t bail on it. It is a quite common thing to have few losses before you begin to make some serious money. You need to be steadfast to excel in this kind of business.


3. Don’t get Overwhelmed

The prolific amount of information can lead you to wrong places. It is better to take the help of someone who knows the business well, a mentor, who could teach the ways and show you the right path before you set foot into the practical world.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/t7Ap8v

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HiWayFX Forex Trading Accounts




HiWayFX is a global broker and acts as the medium between a trader and a network of banks. Before you start trading with HiWayFX, you need to consider certain guidelines to ensure efficient management of your trading account.


The first step requires you to register a forex trading account. Opening an account is actually very simple and is quite similar to opening a bank account. The types of trading accounts offered by HiWayFX are variable depending on your preferences. All of the trading accounts here give you a personal account manager, free economic calendars and educational videos. Also, for all accounts, the currency used for depositing is Euros.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/2k3mwp

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Learning Currency Trading – Part 9: NZD/USD




The symbol stands for New Zealand Dollar/United States Dollar. It tells the reader about the amount of US dollars needed to buy one New Zealand Dollar. In this particular pair, the NZD is the base currency and the USD is the counter currency.


General facts and information


The New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar pair is also referred to as the Kiwi. The NZD is one of the three major commodity currencies, the other two are AUD and CAD. New Zealand was crowned in the year 2005 as the world’s most favourable country for businesses by the World Bank. This small, scenic Island is not only politically peaceful and economically strong, but is also one of the most investment-friendly countries. Lately, it has made sure that it serves as a hub for businesses and investments by being extremely lenient in the regulations it places over business activities.


- See more at: http://goo.gl/N2kprg

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The Pros and Cons of a Forex Demo Account




Many amateur traders these days are advised by brokers and pros to prepare themselves and practice their skill on a demo account before getting into the mainstream trade. A demo Forex account is a sort of an indirect 'virtual training program' where you get to practice your trading skills, in a completely risk free atmosphere, only to get you familiar with the factors that a successful trading demands and to help you develop some basic strategies.


Traders over the time have had much divided opinions about its applications. Some consider it a good start, while others think of it as a waste of time. So in order to help you choose whether or not you should get involved in the trading process of a demo account, below are some major pros and cons of this virtual trade:


Major Weighty Advantages of a Demo Account:


- See more at: https://goo.gl/ycYIch


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In Trading, Less is more




We can witness the rise and fall in markets commonly. It is crucial in some ways, but it may also result in excessive loss of money if we try to trade everything.


There are some errors quite common like trading intra-day price variations or withdrawing a cost-effective trade simply because the market started retracing against your situation.  These kind of faults result because of giving unnecessary importance and effort to the regular price variations in a market.


It is well known that less is more in trading. We can emphasize on the importance of this fact by notifying few key points about market dynamics, price action and how not to react at every fluctuation in the market.


- See more at: http://goo.gl/rnuIZR

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And you thought it was just Gambling with Suits




If you were presented with a person that is engaged in an activity that can either indulge him or her with buckets of riches or complete loss of belongings your instant guess on what the activity is would be gambling. That is usually the image portrayed when someone outside the online trading industry hears how the forex world works, however this is not the case. Sure, gamblers and traders may share some very striking characteristics but their core difference is analysis.


One of the things that gambling and forex trading have in common is the way the foreign exchange or stock market works in relation to poker table. What drives both people to these two area is ideally the opportunity to earn money, and usually a small amount of money is barely enough, if you’re in it you are in to win big or else you should pack up before you even get started. Even the procedures can be related to each other, in a casino filled with countless tables the gambler will choose the one that feels right to him. The same way a trader will choose the right broker after going through a stunning number of prospective brokers in order to settle on one.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/Ndpn1l

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Learning Currency Trading – Part 10: EUR/CHF




The symbol stands for Euro/Swiss Franc. It tells the reader about the number of Swiss Franc that one needs to have in order to buy one Euro. The Euro in this case is the base currency, while the Swiss Franc is the counter currency.


Facts and Information

To anyone new to the world of forex, the EUR/CHF currency pair might seem to be confusing. This relationship is often regarded as one of the most important currency relationships in the forex market. The reason lies in the fact that the EUR and CHF share a relationship which is the strongest in the market.


- See more at: http://goo.gl/73mehB

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Top 5 Habits of Unstoppable Traders




To become a professional and successful trader, you don’t only have to possess the knowledge, be patient and have a game plan but a positive attitude towards your work and a certain protocol are also essential. Obviously every trader is different and has different qualities but there are a couple of habits and traits that are in common in those professional traders that you must have to become an unstoppable trader.


The following are 5 behaviours and traits that big-time traders share, and if you are able to follow these, there’s nothing much out there that can stop you from becoming like one of these traders.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/6xsx8Q

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How Effective is an Automated Forex Trading Software?




You too, like many others must have found yourself scrolling on a page advertising these terms, for any automated forex trading system. Haven't you? I know you have. So, the pipe dream being offered must have gone something like this, “If you log on to our system, you will reach the heights of profit without even moving a single finger." Didn't it? And it sounded tempting right? But the real question is, is it really that good under the surface too? Well, a little underground digging as we do it, might surface a whole clan of epidemics that will surely repel you away from the offer that seemed too alluring just a while ago.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/DVjVwg

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How to Trade Successfully with Small Trading Accounts




Every experienced trader knows that profit has to be measured over a longer period of time, whereas, a novice trader believes that the bigger the trading account: the more money.


The fact of the matter is; if you don't know what you're doing then your account balance won't matter because you'll lose it all anyway. A good trader can make a big profit on any account whether big or small.


Trading can be quite tricky at times and you might find yourself wondering how you went wrong with the most basic of all things because you don't have the proper strategy in mind. Having a lot of money in hand and no trading experience is as good as having no money at all.


- See more at: http://goo.gl/mnfUZ4

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Stop Repeating the Same Forex Trading Mistakes




This is probably the most important article regarding trading because this is where you'll learn how to achieve the goal: making money. Now, this might not be what you were expecting to read about because it won't necessarily be 'fun'. However, if you follow through on these tips, you'd assuredly get maximum profits.


When it comes to trading, you need to do what is best (generally) not what you think is best. Trade isn't 'the wheel of fortune' where you might go big or you might go home. Here, you can either go big if you have a good mindset or you'll go home.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/zpV39B

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Advantages of Trading with ECN Brokers




The Electronic Communications Network is regarded as one of the ways of trading in the future. Most people who trade in the Forex market often have difficulty in making the right trades because of the delay between placing an order and the actual execution. The Electronic Communications Network was designed to facilitate seamless trading between traders. In simple terms, the Electronic Communications Network is designed to create a link between brokers, high liquidity providers and small scale traders.


The Electronic Communications Network is regarded by many as one of the best ways of trading in the forex market. If you are interested in trading in the forex market, you should seriously consider signing up with a broker that offers ECN trading. The concept of trading on the Electronic Communications Network is simple. The broker first asks the high liquidity providers for liquidity. Once the broker has liquidity for small market participants, this is passed on down to the small market participants. Then, when a small market participant places an order, the order is passed on down to the forex market.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/5Nrk2M

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Trading Forex for a Living - What You Must Practice




To become a trader, you need to have the knowledge, trading strategy, understanding of market and charts and etc. Now these are the necessary things that you need to have in order to become a trader, but to become an expert at what you do, you need to have a little more than that.


Let’s discuss five of the most important things you must possess if you ever hope to be able to make a living as a trader.


- See more at: http://goo.gl/deSg0N

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The Forex Industry – Uncut Version




This article might possibly shock you and make you question everything you've ever been told personally by a 'professional' trader, as well as potentially offend many (if not all) of the experienced forex traders. The purpose of this article is to 'expose' everyone in your life who's told you everything against this article.


I'm pretty sure that what initially inspired many people to pursue trading was all the hype that the media created regarding the simplicity and luxury that comes with being in this industry. Traders you personally know might have showed-off their new car or huge house in an attempt to 'encourage' you to begin trading. The truth is that all of that was a lie.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/w1Vxxm

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Live Vs. Demo Trading Accounts




There are numerous forex trading platforms that allow you trading through them and in order to start trading you have to create an account. Now there are different types of accounts that can be categorized as live and demo accounts. Demo accounts are basically for beginners to learn about trading without risking any money.


Now obviously it is good to practice one’s trading strategy with a demo account but the problem is that people stay on their demo accounts too long. A time comes when the trader has mastered the screen time and has all the relevant knowledge but when he/she starts trading with a real account, they start to lose their money.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/o8xNWK

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Practice Forex Trading on a Free Demo Account




HiWayFX is a global broker providing forex services to clients worldwide. It provides a trading platform that enables traders to trade currencies or commodities 24/5.


How to Start Trading


The first step is registering an Online Forex account. It is not a baffling process and is quite similar to opening a bank account.  There are a number of different trading accounts one can have access to using HiWayFX and they are designed to meet your preferences. All of the trading accounts here give you a personal account manager, free economic calendars and educational videos. Also, for all accounts, the currency used for depositing money is Euros.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/u9vjCs

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Do You Want to Succeed in Forex Trading? Here’s What to Do




Bill Gates said that he prefers a lazy man to do the job because he’ll find a much faster way to do it. This is quite true in trading. If you have a sloth-like personality, not that lazy though, then you’ll try to conjure magic and find the missing link which you’re missing because of your unique way of perception. However, too much sloth can also hurt you, as it is after all one of the seven deadly sins.


The best way to do with your trades is not to micromanage them but let them play out themselves. No amount of anxiety in this world can solve any problem so, relax after you’ve placed a trade.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/yqwK4R

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Binary Options Vs Forex Trading - How to Make Money




Many people tend to look for better options when trading in forex. The HiWayFX website provides both options, the user can choose either depending on his preferences. One question which arises is what are the differences and the similarities between forex and binary options? For this purpose one should have an inherent understanding of binary options and how they work, pay or the risks involved in them.


Binary options are easier to understand and simpler to use. They are in fact quite similar to foreign exchange or forex but involve fewer risks as compared to forex. Binary options are called FRO which denotes a fixed return option. In order for this to work a person must assume the correct direction in which the market will be heading at a particular time period. If the prediction or the speculation of the person is right about the market, he will get a fixed price no matter how much the market fluctuates. The HiWayFX website has a binary option; all you have to do is sign up and open a binary options trading account.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/Rqw3Nw

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Famous Quotes from Professional Traders




Trading is all about possibilities and sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose or sometimes you'll be losing for so long that you get frustrated. People assume that a trader's life is full of pros but ask a real trader and they'll probably laugh at that assessment. In reality, sometimes they just want to quit because of it but rest assured, after this article, quitting will be the last thing on your mind. Take it from the people who've been doing it for years and got big:


1. “In this business if you’re good, you’re right six times out of ten. You’re never going to be right nine times out of ten.” -Peter Lynch


- See more at: https://goo.gl/cyVyha

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Hedging in the Forex market




The liquidity of the forex trading market is increasing day by day which means that much more money and statistics are in play every passing hour. This onset of complexities and the associated risks demand a more defined tactical approach. Those of you who are already familiar with the horse racing term 'hedging' must know that although hedging secures your position in the bet, it still involves a substantial risk factor. But better to stay on the safer side of the track right? So to provide the traders with a similar semi-immunity gear, 'hedging' is also commissioned in trading.


What is Hedging?

A 'hedge' is something that everyone from naive traders to the experts should know about.  It is a technique that can protect your investments to a suitable extent. Here it should be made clear that getting into a hedge does not mean that when a negative event occurs or the results go down the hill you will come out of it completely ruined. It only means that if you properly hedge yourself, you won't have to undergo a massive financial trauma. It can be taken as auto insurance which is able to compensate some loss after a tragedy but it does not prevent the tragedy from happening. So think of it as a semi-protection shield. Anyone who is involved in trading can and should learn the hugely practiced technique to hedge properly.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/FvMXZy

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Online Broker Reviews: Constructive, Informative, Valid




Some things should go without saying especially regarding how a forex broker review should be handled. Reviews serve both the brokers and interested clients looking to sign up with a new firm. It’s important to know how to conduct a useful review whether it is negative or positive in order for it to have the impact the trader or investor is looking for. A review is an honest statement about your experience with a certain firm and therefore there is an amount of power that comes with it. This power means that what you write can alter a number of things regarding a broker that’s why each word should be carefully thought of and true.


Here are some things that a trader should keep in mind when putting together an online broker review:


- See more at: https://goo.gl/flz27p

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What is Trade Execution Speed?




Timing matters significantly in the world of forex trading. For example, if you are trading based on the news, you will need to act quickly if you want to increase your revenue. Most forex traders generally have to be very proactive if they want to make quick trades. When you first decide to make a trade, you need to call in your broker in order to make the trade. However, most trades take a bit of time to go through. If you are working with a broker who has a reputation for being slow in the market, you will end up losing a lot of your trades.


Trade execution speed plays a vital role in determining whether your trades are likely to yield good results or not. There are millions of people all across the globe that have set up their trading plans based on real world events. As a result of that, it is important to gauge the trade execution speed of your broker before you decide to sign up with them.


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How Do Forex Islamic Accounts Work?




If you are a Muslim and wish to trade on the Forex market, there are plenty of options available to you. Most practicing Muslims often try to avoid the Forex market due to the interest rates. However, many brokers that deal in Forex accounts and binary options have begun to provide their customers with the option of opening Islamic accounts. In order to understand how Islamic forex accounts work, you need to develop a sound understanding of the Sharia law, which is the law followed by most practicing Muslims.


The Sharia law provides detailed guidance about different parts of life, and has a whole section pertaining to banking and finance. According to the teachings of the law, a Muslim is prohibited from accepting interest or any loan fee in monetary or other form, whether the payment is floating or a fixed amount. In Islam, this is known as riba or usury.


- See more at: https://goo.gl/CVf2Ua

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