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Best SEO techinques for 2014

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Can any body tell me the what is new techniques that we follow in 2014. My sites are not properly indexed in search engine. Is there any problem,  regular doing form posting, classified, rss feed and bookmarking on the site.

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Interesting and Descriptive to read

Quality of the Content

Short and Sweet Title

Relative Meta Description

SEO Friendly

Keywords in First Paragraph

Use of Headings

Image Optimization

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I think quality content will never lose its charm. No matter what year it is, quality content will surely catch the attention of readers, will keep them interested if you consistently and regularly publish relevant and interesting posts. This will increase your traffic and it will get the attention of search engines too. I know that there are other technicalities needed but quality and relevant content is definitely on the top of the list.

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Now it's the time to know about 2016 techniques, In 2016 nothing new off page seo techniques has been introduce but they reduced some of the techniques which is currently following those sites is article submission and directories, remaining techniques is working fine.

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 there are three types of seo techniques is there  

1.White hate seo techniques.

2.Black hate seo techniques.

3.Gray hate seo techniques.

white hate seo techniques are use unique content for blog submissions. optimised links. guest blogging. title and relative data.  

Black hate seo techniques are duplicate content. keyword stuffing. hidden text. page swapping. 

Gray hate seo techniques this Gray hate techniques are combination of both white hate and black hate seo techniques. 

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Best SEO techniques are:


On-page technical things are:


Heading Tags

Keyword Density

Meta Tags


Word count per post

Internal linking

External linking

Write engaging content


Off page techniques are:

Guest blogging

Blog content

Profile creation

Local listing

Image sharing

Blog commenting

Social bookmarking

Directory submission

Classified ads

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Nice sharing. SEO is best one to increase traffic for any kind of websites. SEO is the process of getting traffic for our website. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine. For my website traffic i got seo service from Maxwellglobalsoftware.com here they provide Search engine visibility service which bring traffic to our website. Maxwellglobalsoftware is the best place to get seo services in chennai. They are offering a SEO and SEM Services that resulted in leads, movement and deals for your business sites.

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