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DMT accepts HD-Money


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Hello Friends,

I hope everything is fine with all of you

Sorry for delay in payments if any

The reason for the delay was we were trying to have a deal with HD-Money Processor which would have provided higher earnings to members


Finally our deal with HD-Money have completed with here the details of that


Minimum Payout through HD-Money is just 1$

Members requesting payment through HD-Money would get 25% extra for each payment request

Which means you request 4$ and you will be paid 5$ ie 1$ profit(25% extra)


If members wish to Exchange HD-Money with Liberty Reserve,

they can use Official exchanger provided by HD-Money with fees as low as


1% with http://www.ecashworldcard.com or

3% with http://aurumxchange.com/ (Instant Exchange)


So atleast for each payout members would earn minimum of 20% profit in LR


Members who have already requested payout can ask for payment in HD-Money with either editing there current payment request with adding HD-Money Account details and if not possible just add another post mentioning your HD-Money account details


Also to add here all the pending payments would be cleared on 30th Nov

I hope members would take benefit of these earning opportunities provided by us.


For any query please contact me or reply over here




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Me if i want to withdraw i will prefer instant withdrawal option, or if i don't want to use the money i will go for the manual exchange. This opportunity will draw members to HD Money.

yes mate definately, im making an hd account just for this forum... really good 25% rat it has here.. by the way, is this still going?


thanks admin;)


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