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I am not Admin! I've just found this...




The autosurf industry has dramatically slowed down during the last few months. The industry as a whole has changed due to the lack of excitement there once was.... this brings us to JustSurfed!


JustSurfed's primary goal is to try to bring the autosurf industry back to life by bringing the excitement and the spark back to an industry that once flourished and thrived. We call upon all admins, surfers, newbies and veterans of the industry to come together in our mission to bring the surfing industry back to LIFE!




Referral commission is 6% for direct referrals only. Free members earn same rate of commission.




- you only need to surf 12 sites daily with 12 second timer

- add any number of sites to rotation

- 100 credits upon each ad unit purchased.



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good luck who are able to join this site , hope I could give it a try If I had

enough fund in my LR account lol.Unlike in a hyip site that you can wait for the maturity date then cashout.

As long its pays your good. 135% return and if 100% is

principal, that mean the real profit is

35%. this is good rate for only 15


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  • 3 months later...

And if you compound the 11% you will end up earning more after 10days. But I doubt that this site is going to last long and I even doubt that this thread belong to surf section as at first I thought this is a hyip site. lols.

Earning more is not bad at all. Losing more is. So I think we need to balance between wanting to earn more and same time wanting to preserve our own capital. theirs nothing sweeter in investing than getting back your principal and only trying to earn back interest.

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  • 2 months later...

i heard about this site in other form but i dont know what happen to it i tried to open it but i cant ... whats is the problem?

I can't open the site also. I guess we know the problem. Its maybe a scam site now. I don't know when its started not to be reachable. But I guess its more than three days now since your post is dated May 22. But lets wait for another day or two just to make sure.

I'm not a member of this site so I don't know the whole story.

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