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Harvest operates in the financial sector, and is mainly into forex trading and investments. We have an efficient team well qualified in all financial and legal matters and well equipped in all areas of this field. Harvest academy is proud to announce a unique trading analysis service available for all live and demo clients.The GET FIT TO TRADE program provides you with an exclusive report on your past trading performance identifying key areas where your trading patterns have caused your performance to drop. In addition to this you will also receive a phone consultation from a Harvest academy Dealer who will talk you through the report and help you devise a successful trading strategy.


The report will take you through seven key areas:


* Choice of market - What markets do you trade, what moves the price of these markets and what are the correlations between these markets?

* Trade overview – When do you make a trade and when do you close a trade?

* Trade profitability – Are you making or losing money? We will assess your overall strategy and ensure it suits your personality, account size and time allocated to trading.

* Trade timing –Are you aware of the economic data that can affect your trade? Do you leave trades overnight and wake up to losses?

* Trading style – Are you a short, medium or long term trader? We will ensure you make the most of your trading style.

* Risk ratio – Do you risk too much on a single trade? We will ensure you trade within a sensible risk ratio.

* Risk management – Do you use stop loss orders to protect yourself from large market moves? We will ensure you trade like a pro


Reasons for selecting Harvest trading and platform


* Personalize service: With you and view.

* Risk Management: Rates limits and stop-loss, smarter trading tools.

* Transparency: No hidden costs.

* Security: Privacy and security of data.

* Professionalism: Real-time quotes, reputed business partners.




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This site might came from Indian origin, so they named their name India. But their designing quality is so poor that no one can trust them for a while. We hope that some expect from their own city can take this risk. Except this no one can buy any units from the broker because their merchant stock is too low.

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i think this site come from india, but i see their site created from Joomla :D, well i think it will be good if the owner of this broker used hardcoded site which is more realiable rather than using CMS program, aside from that things it seems they are not quite popular in international traders

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