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  1. Hi guys and welcome in my thread I'm sure that all of you use at least one GPT website to make some extra money, today I've brough to you one of the best GPT website, it's CenterOfPrizes.com why it's one of the best GPT websites ? I'll tell you, this GPT have unlimited number of offers for world wide countries, they add new offers daily with high payout rates and your offers get credited quickly !! they have signup offers, surveys, trials, download, installs etc .... you can cashout your payment once you reach 0.01$ which is really easy to get, so you can join do some offers and cashout in the same day without any problems ! you can get your money on paypal, bitcoins, giftcards (amazon etc ...) and many other ways. they have good script and design and excellent admin who answer your questions quickly ! so what are you waiting for ? join today and make extra bucks now !
  2. the website doesn't open for me , it shows me dns error is it the same for u all ?
  3. some one of my friends told me that this is a scam website even it still new one ! and now i can see why , the minimum payout is too high to reach , the referrals click rates are tooo low , you can't get the minimum payout !! you need at last 200 day !!
  4. the ads number for the normale users is good , but the click rates isn't good at all , btw what are the payment processors and what is the minimum payout ?
  5. wow it look like a great paid to post forum , the rates are not so good but acceptable , but i like the bonus on the guides and on the points !! but on what payment processors it pays ?
  6. when i tried to open your link i got this message "An Error Has Occurred!" please fix your link dear friend the forum is almost empty and there are alot of spam posts , the admin doesn't take care enough and i didn't find any payment proof on the forum !!
  7. so it gives 3 cents per thread and 1 cent per reply , not really good rates , the minimum payout is good but it pay on alertpay only that's not good + the forum doesn't work any more , when i tried to open the link that what i got
  8. is it still under maintenance !? + it is on free domain and free host !! will it be able to pay his member and he doesn't even have money to purchase domain and host ?? i don't trust such forums
  9. I already got paid there about 1.4$ if i remember , the forum is still new and you can make good money there because there are few active posts but i guess that the rates still a little bit low
  10. this is not a paid to post forum, it just give some prize to his members , it doesn't pay them for making posts is still there any bonus on signup ?? i mean the 5 cents
  11. wow !!! did u recieved this payment for just being active or on contests or you are just been lucky ?? congratz dear friend
  12. the rates are a little bit low , not really good , you need 300 reply to cashout !! that's a lot there are only few sections about hyip and investment only !!
  13. this is really new paid to post forum , i didn't like the rates , because they are not fix !! the admin will gives u almost 2 cents per post + there are no payment section so we can't see if the admin pays or not !
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