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  1. Working hard prepairing our NFT platform and marketplace! Lot of things to come for BASIX this year! Basix the first deflationary protocol that introduce his own NFT marketplace with Japanese manga artists suporting it! #manga #anime #japan $BASIX $BASX
  2. $VTX Token Lending & Borrowing Markets Enabled on @defipiepie The community can now use $VTX as collateral to borrow various assets! Truly #DeFiCrescent moonPartying faceParty popper
  3. Reinsurance is a highly exclusive industry that is unwelcoming to retail #investors. #UnoRe will flip the paradigm and open this market to the entire #crypto communityFlexed biceps $UNO #risktrading #DeFi #reinsurer
  4. 3 Heroes unique version is finished!! We are working with the NFT platform code, next nft and gaming introduction! All will be detailed in whitepaper! $BASX $BASIX #nft #manga #anime #nfts #crypto #cryptocurrency #eth #Ethereum #dogecoin @elonmusk @SnoopDogg @dogecoin
  5. NFT Tech is thrilled to announce that it has fully finalized its private sale fundraising rounds, onboarding key strategic partners who share a common vision for the future of the NFT marketplace. $NFTT #NFT
  6. #BUMO is a network of absolute trust between users, which is built on the basis of the #InternetofThings (#IOT), #blockchain, and #smartcontracts. With BUMO, you can easily automate your business as well as #digitalize assets.
  7. Liquidity Mining is now live on #BinanceSmartChain @PancakeSwap Don't miss out on earning your share of $300K$ in $VTX rewards within the next 120 days! RocketSign of the hornsRocket
  8. $Hina has arrived, with her katana she is able to cut the wind and is a specialist in fast movements. Hina represents the Japanese doll festival that is why we all love our doll "Hina". Welcome to the $Basix ecosystem! #manga #nft #anime #nfts #crypto #eth #ethereum #basix #basx
  9. NFT Tech and @orion_protocol have formed a partnership to improve the state of the #NFT market. The NFT market is marred with rudimentary valuation methodologies. Orion will provide rich historical data facilitating the development of the first NFT Oracle.
  10. We would like to announce $BU @kucoincom delisting. We are consolidating on the exchanges to beef up volume transactions. It doesn’t stop us from relisting in KuCoin in the future. We are consolidating the resources in target exchanges. BUMO can also trade iBU/ETH in Emirex.
  11. The crypto ecosystem holds over 8000 cryptocurrencies, making more than 300k #cryptotransactions per day Our token will soon be a part of the ecosystem, aiming to secure stakeholders to the platform and to assure the quality of the services provided. $UNO #RiskTrading #DeIn
  12. Through our cooperation with @i_am_hapi_one we aim to achieve its mission by helping many high-potential #BSC-based projects conduct their #IDO on its platform and provide a higher level of security, funding features, and confidence. Handshake $ROAD
  13. The new NFT that we will launch will be a special edition, stay tuned! In 2-3 days will be ready! $BASIX $BASX #manga #anime #art #japan #nft #nfts #ethereum #eth #crypto #cryptocurrencies
  14. Basix introduce the first partnership for the $BASIX marketplace! Basix is going to create a marketplace where our NFTs will be posted, also community creators and partnership collaborators! This is the start of a giant ecosystem of Japanese NFT platform!
  15. #JulWallet Is Officially Launched! Access To Most Networks Spend Crypto w/ Virtual & Physical Cards Exchange #ETH into #BNB w/JulWallet Ext
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