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  1. In reality no one and nothing can Make you a good broker or trader except yourself through hardwood, and consistent research.
  2. I saw the video and I'm quite impressed, thanks the video was super educational looking forward to more of such videos.
  3. The brokers I use are mostly mobile apps although most of my decisions are taken after recieving signals.
  4. Lpv forum is a get paid to read forum do not be confused by the name, it is not a forum. Its a Nigerian site where you get paid to read news, and comment on them, also you get paid to share them online. Sign up with one time fee N1500 Payment rates includes Daily login N50 Read news N5 Comment N4 Sponsored post (share) N100 Unique posts N100 Referral N1000 per referral Cashout at N10000 Payments are made in Naira (NGN) but you can also be paid in bitcoins Sign up with referral link
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