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  1. If what I am reading is true I am very exited to sign up and I will post away! Thanks for sharing this with us I am glad I ran across this!
  2. Being paid to chat, it sounds a little bit of a inefficient way to earn, how are the rates? L What's the pay per chat message?
  3. This sounds like a great website for earning money, I will be sure to remember that!
  4. Hello, I am yet still a newbie but I still want to help the world with my knowledge and I am going to bring you guys a list of some wonderful recourses I have used in my past. These things have made my career as a web developer. Below will be a list of things that have made coding a breeze for me. CodeCademy - This is a great website if you are complete beginner, you are in luck, this will help you a tremendous amount, this website will explain every little detail for beginners, and it will make understanding new things as a web developer a lot easier in the future. - www.codecademy.com Notepad ++ - This is by far the best free Windows coding program around, it's so simple, yet so complex, but just easy enough to understand, it automatically color codes and it can handle many different coding languages. - www.notepad-plus-plus.org TextMate - This is as good as it gets with Mac coding software, it is an auto color coding, auto spacing, program for almost any coding language, it's so simplistic just like apple and it is so amazing with so many features, your sure to try all of them. Being a Mac person I personally think this is better than most paid softwares! - www.macromates.com AwardSpace - This isn't a site I would put a cooperation on like Apple but I definitely think this will be a great place for people wanting cheap hosting and even free hosting, this is a really well built website. I hosted my very first website for 0$ on this site and I found that I really do love this site. I got to host my website for free with the domain .dx.am, it was free and I liked it. I mean it was free! Who doesn't like free? - www.awwardspace.com GoDaddy - Last but not least is a more professional web hosting site. GoDaddy is the most popular hosting site, this place you can trust blindly, they do perfect work and they have great customer support! If you have a business this is what you should use, they even offer the option of getting a professional designer to make the website custom for you! - www.godaddy.com Anyways guys thank you so much for viewing this and for replying, any questions just drop me a reply and I will try to get to you! Thanks again guys! I would really appreciate it if you guys would reply and tell me what you think and let the other people of the forums see what helps you with your coding career. Anyways if you have questions feel free to reply and I'll try and get that answered, I spent lots of time gather this info and would love to get some feedback on it!
  5. Know there are many methods of payment but I think PayPal is definitely the most reliable and efficient option
  6. My favorite game was assassins creed, it was the best gameplay ever! I absolutely loved it!
  7. My favorite songs are The Funeral, by Band of Horses, and The Mighty Rio Grande, by This Will Destroy You, they inspire me so much, I love to reflect on my day after listening to this. What are your favorite songs?
  8. Some of my favorite songs are chillstep and calm music, my two favorite songs at this moment are This mighty Rio Grande by This Will Destroy You, and also The Funeral, by Band Of Horses, they are so inspiring to me. What are your favorite songs?
  9. Try AwardSpace, it's completely free with a .dx.am domain and you can pay a little more for your own .com domain and a few other features. If you are looking for the best hosting then use GoDaddy, GoDaddy is the top rated hosting site. Hope this helped!
  10. So I am not sure if this fits a computer game but it is a game and this is the only game section so I guess I will talk about the best game I have encountered on the iPad, iPod,iPhone, and now android. It is called clash of clans, it is free and it's super fun, basically you get your own village to raise and you save money and elixer to spend on upgrades and then you can train a army and attack other villages to earn more money, it's a endless game with all the constant updates. And it is very interactive. So have you ever played it? If you haven't i would recommend it? If you have played it, how many trophies, gold, elixer, gems, do you have? What clan are you in, and what's your strategy? I'd love to hear it!
  11. I'm a Mac person I have to admit, many people are vicious with the Windows/Mac war, but the Mac is very lightweight, and it is just something I've come to love a lot, I have used Windows my whole life but last year switched to Mac, I like it because I don't get viruses, it's fast, and it has some really neat features like the airplay, which I use to play my music library wirelessly from my computer throughout my home which has speakers all throughout the ceiling, I can also control it with my iPhone which is really cool too. The only thing is you are very limited to what you can upgrade, but it gets the job done, I don't do heavily intensive games on it because I simply just don't play those kinds of games. But if you are looking to get basic work done and not in the need of a computer for gaming and all I would definitely recommend it!
  12. Hello everyone, I am rather new to the website but I do want to address the law in Colorado legalizing marijuana, what do you guys think about it, are you happy about it or are you mad about it? Do you support it? Should it become legal in other states? Does anyone live in Colorado that wants to share their opinions? I will share my opinion. I think that legalizing this would be a better investment than keeping it illegal, the reason I say this is because it isn't hard to see that the government and state laws are not really keeping people from doing it, it just seems like they keep throwing money at the situation and people keep getting around it I didn't say I support the legalization of it other states but I didn't say I didn't. I don't really have enough knowledge to say I support it or I am against it. But hopefully your opinions can help me make a decision. Drop a reply and tell me what's on your mind!
  13. Hello everyone my name is Shane and I am brand new to this site. If you are wondering why I am here, i will tell you. I am here to share my knowledge with the world about anything and everything, I would love to make a living as a blogger making money doing what I love and that's blogging, and photography, I am pretty skilled in other things such as animation in after effects, photoshop, and I am working on learning some more web design, I am also a very nice guy if you get to know me and I am quite often judged from how i look. It can be a sad life for me but yet I always can just relax by blogging or doing something I love. I love to help people with their feelings and I am so happy when I can help. I have dealt with depression a lot and because I still come to points in my life where I am really depressed I am able to understand people. So if you ever want to have a 1 on 1 conversation with me feel free to PM me .
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