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  1. Dear Admin and Mods Username : saocodonls95 Amount To Request (DMT points) : 200 Liberty Reserve ID : U7055510 thank admin
  2. This site is war pay for the first time, install
  3. Cashout not pay, payment cashout or less
  4. Registration newbie playing it still pay all
  5. only believe when proof of his should still test.
  6. pending 3 days and, hoping food festival is complete pay for the
  7. site began to click too many ads for cashout
  8. donated money on blance upgrade free of the kind of high-level membership should be cautious
  9. you want to join, there must be a large capital. according to that site like a lot to buy the $ 900 membership
  10. Earn a FIXed Monthly( without referral)!: First Member: 1.2$ (0.04$/day) (Payout min:0.5$) Second Member: 2.5$ (0,08$/day) (Payout min: 0.3$) Third Member: 4.5$ (0.15$/day) (Payout min: 0.1$) All payment within 48 hours to Paypal! http://www.sterpaidbux.com
  11. Site Payout slow . I join site but minpay is 1$
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