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Coin Secured


The COINSECURED project in Yield Farming has launched a few years ago when the popularity of the DeFi segment was growing rapidly, which played into the team's hands: the project quickly became one of the leading ones, and the next year the trading volume of the aggregator reached $45.6 million.

  • We guarantee that no investor will lose their funds due to the poor organization of this sector of the ecosystem.
  • Thanks to our developments and daily checks, we are sure that security is organized at the best level.
  • All our clients were convinced of this, since for a long time of work there was not a single case of information or money leakage.
  • Our project is associated with a huge number of liquidity pools, which allows our users to increase their capital with minimal risk.


1.8% per day for 3 days
Minimum deposit - 10$

2.8% per day for 6 days
Minimum deposit - 500$

3.8% per day for 9 days
Minimum deposit - 1000$

4.8% per day for 12 days
Minimum deposit - 2000$

5.8% per day for 15 days
Minimum deposit - 5000$

Referral Program -
Standard - 3%-2%-1%
After a turnover of $4000 - 4%-2%-1%
After a turnover of $10,000 - 5%-2%-2%
After a turnover of $20,000 - 6%-3%-2%-1%
After a turnover of $50,000 - 10%-6%-5%-3%-2%

Payments: instant
The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1 epaycore, $5 USDT, $10 ETH LTC and $20 BTC. There is no maximum limit.
Minimum deposit - 10 $
Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, USDT (TRC20, BEP20, ERC20), USDC, BUSD , TRX

Join   here

I am in !

Operation details 2473685
Date and time Yesterday at 16:02
Funds transfer- 200 USD
Payment system ePayCore

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