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I'm not admin!!!                    My Investment $70


Investment plans:
2.5% weekly for 28 days12% monthly for 90 days15% monthly for.

Minimum deposit $10
Min. Withdrawal : $10 PM/ePayCore, $5 BCH/LTC/Dash/USDT TRC20/BEP20/TRX/Ripple/Doge/BNB; $20 BTC/ETH/USDT ERC20

Referral Commission: 5% 3% 2%
Instant Withdrawal

REGISTRATION LINK: https://fundablex.net

SSL secured by Google Trust Services LLC
Licensed script Gold Coders
DDoS protected from Cloud Flare

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HASH: 0x5bea4f54262fa64c7bcdfe82666c6bc699bdc2b6c7db9a984876bab2ac734d27
TIME: 2024-03-20 18:27:13
Amount: $1.75
BLOCK: 37133973
TO: 0xcf3DdfcB4277B1c788Dc32aF57D4243b6E9B843e
FROM: 0x1b57212912e78ee0e1b47af86bf0e01a7413d9ff 

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AMOUNT: $1.75
HASH: 0xd100e23399f7271855f8edf7dd39be93f7be004af159fd3aafda9bd4ee584672
TIME: 2024-03-27 22:51:06
BLOCK: 37340429
TO: 0xcf3DdfcB4277B1c788Dc32aF57D4243b6E9B843e
FROM: 0x1b57212912e78ee0e1b47af86bf0e01a7413d9ff

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