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I'm not admin!!!                             My Investment $150
Investment plans: 110% AFTER 24 HOURS, 4% DAILY FOR 3 DAYS, 2% DAILY FOR 5 DAYS.
Minimum deposit $50 
Min. Withdrawal : $10 TRC20/BEP20/TRX/Ripple/Doge/BNB; $10 BTC/ETH/USDT ERC10
Referral Commission: 5% 2% 
Instant Withdrawal 
REGISTRATION LINK: https://bitcointower.online
SSL secured by Google Trust Services LLC
      Licensed script Gold Coders
     DDoS protected from Cloud Flare
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Payment received: $5 USD

Block Hash: 0000000002c4230603f4b316ddfe73d25b94c6bf12eb606cd5bb3158a0f
Time: 6 mins 19 secs ago | 2022-11-30 18:49:36 (Local)

Block Size: 100,725 Bytes

(Upper Limit: 2,000,000 Bytes)

Status: CONFIRMEDConfirmed by 120  blocks

Confirmed SRs: 19
Block Reward: 176 TRX

Parent Block Hash: 0000000002c42305cff3980066384a83dde95352a4aa0c77fcec4c44abe
Version Number: 25

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