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I am not an admin or project owner.
The topic was created for the purpose of informing and is not a call to action. All information is taken from the project website.


Registration - https://exospace.app/

Project Marketing:
Terra- 7% after 14 days + 0.5% per day with NFT
Cyber-10.5% after 14 days + 1% per day with NFT
Claw-14% after 14 days + 3% per day with NFT

Project start - 10.11.2022
Payment systems - BNB, Ethereum, USDT TRC20
Min. Deposit: 100 USD
Ref. program: 2%

Presentation PDF - Презентация
Video presentation- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEX-YawyjBM

about the project:

Exospace is an investment project with unique game mechanics. By investing in the project, you will not only watch the creation of a space-themed P2E game, but also receive unique NFTs that will increase your income and allow you to use them in a future game.

We are developing a P2E game that you can participate in using NFT and a smart contract. The launch of the game is scheduled for Q1 2023 and will be a socio-economic game with the capture of territories that generate passive income.
In total, there are 9999 NFTs in the emission of the project, however, only 999 will be available during the operation of the investment project. NFTs play a utilitarian role, since they are used in the P2E game, and also increase the profitability of the investment plan.

How NFT tokens work on the platform

NFTs give a deposit bonus on the platform and are not an investment instrument (investment plan) in and of themselves. You can buy NFT on the marketplace or get it at the expense of a deposit at the end of the validity period. By the way, if you withdraw the deposit earlier (with a commission of 3%), then you will not receive an NFT token.

   Let's look at the example of a deposit with a token
Konstantin received NFT through early registration on the site. The usual return on a deposit of 0.5% under the Terra plan and with a deposit of $200 Kostya would have received $14 in 14 days and a refund of the deposit. However, having an NFT token and using it, Konstantin will receive $28 in 14 days and a refund of the deposit. Since the main deposit rate is 0.5% per day, and NFT offers an additional 0.5% per day. Total 1% per day, subject to the use of NFT.

Important! NFT gives a return not on its value.

NFTs on our platform pay off in just over 2 weeks. However, in the end, you will receive 2 NFTs, which will increase your profitability by selling NFTs on the marketplace.

Any used NFT can be used again at the end of the deposit. The rate of the main deposit will not increase.

Registration- https://exospace.app/

Deposit - https://tronscan.org/#/transaction/732b5fe911e22209024aac1919ac758c9b11f7f272751e507e709fb8c9330113 (501 USDT)

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$5,000 in the User Rewards Program until December 12, 2022.

What should I do?

1. Go to the bot https://t.me/exobounty_bot and subscribe to the program by sending your nickname on the platform. Write to the bot the Bounty Program for activation.

2. Choose resources where you can post information or offer your own. There are more than 70 of them in total.

3. Take action: make reports on monitors and forums, write articles, shoot videos and guides.

For each action, you will receive from $0.03 to $500 depending on the amount of effort invested and the importance of the resource for the exospace.app project

Join @exospace_chat and ask questions.

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Cyber Monday at exospace.app

For only one day, you can purchase NFT on the marketplace (https://exospace.app/marketplace) with a discount of up to 90% and payback from the first round.

Common rarity 9$ 39$ +0.5% per day
Rare 19$ 149$ +1% per day
Unique 39$ 349$ +3% per day

Attention, rarity affects the investment plan (Terra - common rarity, Cyber - rare, Claw - unique).

How to buy?

Top up the balance of the BNB address in the account and go to the marketplace. After choosing the nft you need, make the payment and it will be automatically added to your account.

The number of NFTs is limited, the promotion will not be extended. So don't miss the opportunity to deposit with NFT today!

If you have any questions or problems write to @exospaceapp_bot

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